The benefits of using reusable makeup remover pads for your skin and the environment

Removing make-up, cleaning our face and applying tonics, serums and creams is a routine that we do, or should do every day. We have a habit of buying those huge elongated packs of cotton make-up removal pads and using at least 1 to remove the mascara or the eye line and another to apply the toner.

Therefore, each one of us uses an average of two cottons per day, multiplied by 365 days a year and by all the people who use them, take accounts…. With this practice and with many others, such as the use of ear buds or makeup remover or wet wipes, we contribute to the massive generation of waste. Therefore, we must look for alternatives and put aside single-use products and opt for those reusable.

A few years ago, the use of this type of organic and environmentally friendly products was not so widespread and finding them could sometimes be mission impossible. However, now that we are more aware of the impact our routines and customs In the environment, the demand for organic and reusable products in the world of cosmetics has undergone a notable increase. And this is why the main cosmetic stores have put the batteries and have decided to include eco-friendly alternatives in their catalog.

Reusable make-up removal discs are specifically an alternative with thousands of benefits, since they not only contribute to reducing the generation of waste, but also mostly use organic cotton in their composition and in terms of value for money they far exceed single-use ones. Therefore, you no longer have excuses not to use them. Next, we are going to offer you several alternatives so that you can choose the one that convinces you the most.

4 Moully reusable make-up removal discs

If you have not yet tried the reusable makeup remover discs, this option is perfect for you since the pack includes 4 units so you can try them and enter this world. They are made with high quality BPA-free organic cotton fabric, suitable for all skin types, even the smallest.

You can use them to remove the remains of makeup from the face at the end of the day or to apply the balancing tonic. They are able to withstand up to 200 washes and after that, they will not stop offering that initial softness.

16 reusable make-up remover discs Bambau

Once you have tried them and have fallen in love with this product, you can opt for this option that includes 16 discs; 12 of them soft and 4 plush. They are made with bamboo fiber that provides an extraordinary softness to the touch with the skin.

They are the same size as disposable cotton pads so you will have no problem storing them in your toiletry bag and taking them wherever you go. Includes a cotton bag to wash them in the washing machine and use them for a long time.

Reusable makeup remover pads with bamboo box

Another option that most convinces us is this pack that includes 18 reusable discs and a bamboo box to place them. They are made with organic cotton, which means that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used for their cultivation, respecting the environment at all times. They offer a soft touch so you can use them all over the face including the eye area.

They can be washed in the washing machine using programs up to 60º temperature to remove dirt and reuse them as if they were new. In addition, it includes a bamboo box to keep them arranged and organized in the bathroom and a cotton bag to put them in the washing machine together so they don’t get lost.

20 Greenzla reusable make-up removal discs

If you are already an expert in this type of reusable discs and have decided to use them forever, this pack of 20 units is the right one for you. They are made of 100% organic cotton and are biodegradable, so once you want to dispose of them you will only have to throw them into the compostable garbage can. Thanks to the softness they offer, these discs are suitable for all skin types, even the most dry or sensitive.

They can be washed in the washing machine to remove any type of dirt, including the most durable makeup. To do this, you can use the cotton bag included in the pack and thus, they will not mix with the rest of the clothes. It also includes a rounded box for orderly storage.

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