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A recent analysis of 30 hygienic and surgical masks for adults and children carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has confirmed the high filtration efficiency of both disposable models for sale in supermarkets, which reaches 98 percent. He also highlighted that the efficiency of reusable cloth toilets is lower, although it usually exceeds 90 percent, and in some cases it exceeds 95 percent.

In the category of award-winning children’s disposable masks, for the OCU, the most recommended is the Deliplus Children’s Mask (Mercadona), with a rating of 83 points, at a price of 0.15 euros / unit.

Among the reusable ones, OCU highlights the WDX Hygienic Mask reusable for children, 50 washes, which is sold for 0.22 euros / use and gets 72 points; and the children’s reusable hygienic mask (Aldi), with 40 washes, on sale for an amount of 0.04 euros / use and that obtained ten points less.

In the analysis, the organization has detected a children’s model with loose laces from the brand Different Mask that it should not be for sale and has communicated this to Consumption. In addition, reusable masks for children (6-9 years) Marbik for sale at Decathlon have been removed from the analysis due to poor breathability.

For adults

In the category of disposable masks for adults, the OCU ranked first the non-reusable hygienic Deliplus Mascarillas (Mercadona), with a rating of 84 points. In second place, it has awarded the Bergner Non-reusable Hygienic Face Mask KI 8501-1 (Carrefour), with a score of 83. Third place goes to the Intelmask Disposable Surgical Mask (Aldi), with 77 points. In fourth place is the Jiangsu Excellence Disposable Mask (Lidl), also with 77 points.

As for award-winning adult reusable masks, the best, according to the OCU, is the Belpla Hygienic multilayer mask 25 washes (Consum), with a score of 71.

The OCU recommends the use of disposable masks, whether hygienic or surgical. In fact, the analyzed ones, except for one, offer an efficiency of 98 percent filtration or even 99 percent, higher than the minimum required. The exception is the Sizhou Xiang Li brand masks, Face Mask (for sale in El Corte Inglés), with a 93 percent protection. They also point out that the Adidas analyzed has a filtration efficiency of only 75 percent, although it is true that it is not expressly sold as a hygienic mask against Covid-19 and is not subject to the UNE-0065 standard.

OCU recalls the importance of prioritizing safety and efficacy when choosing a mask, that is why they recommend always buying those approved, with UNE 0065 or UNE 0064 certification. It has analyzed, among others, the labeling, the placement and the adjustment to the face, the resistance of the rubber bands and the breathability, an important aspect, since a mask that breathes badly expels more air through the sides and is more uncomfortable , so it touches more and is no longer safe.

As to the FFP2 masks, whose purpose is to serve as individual protection equipment in risky environments, OCU insists that they are only recommended for health personnel and population groups at risk. In addition, their breathability is limited and their use is not easy, since they must fit perfectly to the face.

Finally, OCU recalls that there are many families for whom buying masks is still an economic effort, so asks for it to be free, at least for people with fewer resources, through its #mascarillasparatodos campaign.

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