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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is committed to promoting the online dissemination of all its programming and creates six new distribution channels through the platform YouTube under the name ‘Castilla y León Culture’, where you can already enjoy more than 110 activities developed in recent weeks.

In this way, the ‘Culture Channel’, with information on all the cultural activity that takes place from the Junta de Castilla y León, is reinforced with the creation of these six new broadcast channels, which allow the enjoyment of adapted cultural programming to the online format, in parallel with their face-to-face development, informs Ical.

It is a new way of enjoying culture, à la carte, from anywhere and at any time of the day. Thus, the user will be able to access from home the live broadcasts, via ‘streaming’, of a large part of the programming proposed in the network of cultural centers of the Community.

With the aim of advancing in the development of new online tools and services, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has created different access QR codes to YouTube channels, promoting their use through the Ministry’s web pages and social media profiles.

In addition, together with the traditional program on paper, with all the information on monthly cultural programming, as a novelty this month the complete program of the nine provinces is being disseminated through the ISUU platform, which facilitates access and viewing of cultural programming from any mobile device, becoming an attractive promotion system in order to attract new audiences.

Next activities

Users will be able to enjoy multiple proposals next week from their homes, such as the temporary exhibition ‘Dead artists. A century despised by history ‘, in the Provincial Archive of Ávila; the presentation of the book ‘Las Voladoras’, by Mónica Ojeda, at the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos; the puppet and object show ‘Cocoloco y mariflor’, by Teatro Diadres, at the Burgos Library; the storyteller ‘Word of Woman’, by Charo Jaular, at the Palencia Library; the presentation of the book ‘Tauromaquia’, by Aku Estebaranz, at the Library of Segovia; the oral storytelling activity for adults’ Tales of love. Eroticism and death ‘, by Charo Pita, in the Valladolid Library; or the workshop ‘La casa de los cuentos’, by ‘Un punto Curioso’, at the Zamora Library, among many others.

Likewise, it offers the possibility of entering exhibitions such as the one of Sansón cartoons that houses the Palace of, Quintanar de Segovia; ‘Miguel Delibes, archaeologist of the word’, in the Museum of Palencia, or the exhibition of ‘Carros y Carretas’, in the Numantino Museum of Soria. Similarly, musical activities, such as the one offered by Paco Diez and ‘La Bazanca’ in the León library, the concert of the ‘Grupo Amorei’ in the Ávila library, as well as the different concerts of Abono de Autumn and proximity ‘Cerca de Ti ‘of the OSCyL.

Within the performing arts, you can enjoy the show ‘La Granja’, by Teloncillo, in the Ávila library; the ‘Tales with a lot of magic’, by Fernando Saldaña ‘, in the Burgos library; or the work ‘Palabras de Caramelo’, by Maria Parrato, in the Valladolid library; storytellers such as ‘Counting stories in progress’, by Guti, in the Salamanca library; or the show ‘Mujeres’, by La Quimera del Plástico, in the Palencia library, among many other options.

Children’s workshops such as ‘La casa de los cuentos’, held in the Zamora library; shows of oral narration and magic such as ‘Lo never told’, by Fernando Saldaña, in the Burgos library, or conferences and presentations such as the one of the books ‘The message of Pandora’, by Javier Sierra, in the Museum of Human Evolution from Burgos, and ‘What he never told me about Artemio’, by Braulio Llamero, in the Zamora library, complete the offer.

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