The Board trusts to stop the “effect” Christmas to the responsibility of the citizens




“Citizens must be treated as of legal age”, said this Thursday the vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea. A statement that leads us to wonder if those who are obliged to make decisions have not treated us this way. The truth is that the regional government, through two of its highest representatives, the also spokesman, Francisco Igea, and his Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, repeatedly appeal to individual behavior this Christmas. “We call for responsibility, something that is not exclusive to politicians, it is something shared by all citizens”, said Igea. And it is that, having agreed on the measures between communities and the Ministry to spend the holidays – curfew at one thirty in the morning, groups of ten people and transfers between regions for family reunions – it is time to repeat the message, almost plea , that travel, social contacts and crowds are avoided.

“You have to have a little more patience and keep making a lot of efforts because the situation is not good and we can spoil it,” insisted Casado, for whom the decrease in incidence, which stands at 462 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, ” it was not free, we all know it was thanks to the restrictions. “This disease is very treacherous and has many saw teeth”, He added, before releasing the data that this Thursday registered a slight rise in infections, to 597, compared to 487 the previous day. In addition, 27 deaths were counted, of them 22 in hospitals and five in residences. “They are people who will not spend Christmas with their families”, has snapped the head of Health, in an attempt, once again, to remove consciences and call to “do much more to ensure that there is not a deceased, especially with individual measures.”

Because for the Minister of Health, the reduction in incidence and deaths that has occurred since November 11 when “we hit the ceiling” is due to «Collective effort that has served to save lives“And has again appealed to” stay home and avoid all possible movements this Christmas. ” That said, both Casado and Igea have vindicated the agreement reached in the Interterritorial Health Council (although Madrid voted against) that set the criteria for celebrating a Christmas in which travel between communities will be allowed as long as they are for family gatherings. At this point, the head of Health has recognized that there is not enough police to control that the measure is complied with in these terms, so it has asked “Don’t cheat the loner” because “if we try to fool the police you are only fooling yourself”.

Casado has defended the agreed measures and has assured to feel “satisfied”, although the restrictions were lower than those proposed by Castilla y León, and has insisted that “The general message is that you have to avoid crowds and social contact”. He has recognized, however, that health experts are in favor of “there being nothing” of relief, but economic or social “ask to keep the balance and that we have tried to do.” In any case, he has pointed out that if the situation worsens, heThe Board could increase restrictions. Moreover, it has advanced that prohibiting someone from moving “would have side effects”, although he has also confessed to being “afraid” of what may happen this Christmas and that January starts with a third wave.

Political cost

Also the vice president of the Board has defended the measures agreed for the next Christmas holidays. «We said that we would assume the decision that was taken; we are supportive and loyal, “said Igea, who has asked, once again, for rresponsibility to citizens to avoid “risk situations”. And he has assumed that restrictive measures, especially those that refer to the hotel trade, have consequences, so that “I have always been willing to assume a political and personal cost.” Finally, he has once again demonstrated his good relationship with the Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, to confess that “He never told me not to do something because they were going to fry us”.

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