The Board will allocate 5 million to educational investments in Seseña




The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosa Ana Rodríguez, announced this Friday that the Government of Castilla la Manchawill allocate around five million euros, until the end of 2021, to educational investments to attend the increase in enrollments experienced in the town of Seseña.

The counselor made these statements before meeting with the mayor of Seseña, Silvia Fernández, at the town hall, a meeting in which the two public officials were accompanied by the delegate for Education, Culture and Sports, José Gutiérrez; and part of the municipal government team.

Rosa Ana Rodríguez explained that the works to be carried out are the first phase of IESO “Nº 3”, with an investment of 1.5 million euros; the third phase of CEIP «Nº 4», with an investment also of 1.5 million euros; and the second phase of this same center, a work valued at two million euros that is currently underway.

The IESO “Nº 3” of Seseña, located in the “El Quiñón” neighborhood, is one of the ten new educational centers included in the latest investment plan recently approved by the Governing Council. As a whole, the center will consist of 16 classes of Compulsory Secondary Education and six of Baccalaureate.

For its part, the works of the third phase of CEIP «Nº 4», also in the «El Quiñón» neighborhood and also included in the last investment plan, will be based on the construction of six Primary classrooms and other complementary spaces . With this intervention, the construction of the building will be completed, which will consist of six classrooms for Infants and 12 for Primary.

Rosa Ana Rodríguez has also referred to the works of the second phase of CEIP “Nº 4”. In this sense, it has announced that this second phase will be ready to open its doors “next school year”, serving about 150 more students. The first phase of the center has been running for two courses.

“Two important investments for the town that are added to the 41 recently approved by the Governing Council. Two works that give an account of the regional government’s commitment to improving educational quality in the town and, of course, with the intention of adapting the educational system to the reality of the population “, the counselor declared.

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