The Board will pay this month to health workers 84 million in professional career arrears




Very rough and tense plenary session the one lived yesterday in the Cortes of Castilla y León in which there were no disqualifications and even insults between members of the Government and the opposition led by PSOE and Podemos. The decree of the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, published on Saturday for the reorganization of health professionals, curled the spirits of both that darts were thrown from their respective benches. In this atmosphere of tension, the vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, took advantage of one of his speeches to “slide” that this month the Board will proceed to pay to the toilets arrears in recent years corresponding to the concept of professional career, according to which each Sacyl professional receives an amount based on professional and academic merits, a payment that since 2013 has gone through different judicial phases following the complaints from the CESM Medical Union to make it effective, once the professional career has been recognized by board.

In this way, right in the middle of the controversy over the decree, which all unions with representation in the sector have rejected and for which they have already called mobilizations for tomorrow Thursday, the Ministry of Health addresses one of the main demands of the representatives union. According to sources from the department of Verónica Casado, health workers who have already reached retirement, will receive in a single payment all arrears, while those who are active will be prorated in successive months. In total, about 8,000 workers will benefit.

Mañueco accuses Tudanca of “sectarian” and of “defending a socialism that is understood with Bildu and ERC”

The announcement came in a plenary session in which the controversial decree and the coronavirus monopolized practically all the questions to the Executive. The spokesman for the Socialist Group, Luis Tudanca, started to question Mañueco about the evolution of the pandemic and, incidentally, accuse him of “superb” and of wanting “to be alone, in bad company and with Stockholm syndrome.” He also reproached him for having managed to bring all the unions to an agreement against the decree and again asked him to “withdraw it or leave.” “He neither listens nor understands,” answered Mañueco, to later insist that the rule approved on Thursday “does not adopt concrete measures or restrict negotiations with the unions” and end up accusing Tudanca of “sectarian” and of “defending a socialism that it is understood with Bildu and ERC ».

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