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“And Sánchez agrees to reinforce judicial independence and the separation of powers and to comply with the Constitution, the Council of europe and the Venice Commission, Tomorrow the CGPJ can be renewed ». The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has reiterated this Wednesday its willingness to negotiate the renewal of the Power of attorney provided that Moncloa accepts an agreement based on the democratic parameters that mark Europe and the Carta Magna.

The leader of the PP thus denies the thesis that the Minister of Justice maintained yesterday, Juan Carlos Campo, that the PP does not want to agree on the renewal of the CGPJ due to the proximity of the Madrid elections and is reaching out again with the same lines as for two years: that the judges elect the judges, that Podemos leave the negotiation and that the PSOE withdraw the candidacies of Ricardo de Prada Y Victoria Rosell.

“We are not going to leave our demand” he warned Married at a press conference at the Congress warning that the negotiation will be lifted “as many times as necessary”, but that it will always be the fault of Pedro Sánchez since the conditions of Genoa They “have not changed” and they will not.

Brussels presses the government and demands an urgent renewal of the Judiciary agreed with the opposition. But the popular ones feel stronger now to maintain their position after the Minister of Justice announced yesterday the withdrawal of the reform to lower the majorities in the renewal of the CGPJ, urged by the community executive.

Casado understands that both Europe and the Government have ended up giving him the reason that this reform violated the rule of law and has taken heart from the efforts he carried out so that the text has ended up being withdrawn.

«I requested a meeting with Ursula von der Layen. I took a plane the next day and went to Brussels ”, Casado said, noting the interest shown then by the president of the European Commission, who put him in contact with the Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders. He explained publicly yesterday that if Spain had not withdrawn the reform of the majorities, the community executive would have taken Spain to court.

Married has also referred to the Ibero-American Summit in which the President of the Government participates, Pedro Sanchez, and the “embarrassment” suffered by the sit-in of the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, has made him ugly. «Maduro has allowed himself to despise the summit and send Delcy Rodriguez that is persecuted by the European authorities, “said Casado, who last week asked Sánchez not to invite Maduro to the summit but rather to Juan Guaidó as president in charge of Venezuela.

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