“The change is here”

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Pablo Casado has entered the bullring of Valencia to the shout of “president, president”, and to the applause of thousands of people, who have filled the bullring, electoral icon of the PP for many years, and that ceased to be in the general elections of 2015. Some 9,000 people have been able to enter the square and another 3,000 have remained outside, according to the organization. “The change is here!”, Exclaimed Casado, who has announced three urgent strategic plans to reactivate Spain as soon as it comes to power, with freedom as its flag.

In the laying, banners supporting Pablo CasadoHow are you: “Madrid with its president”, Valencia with Married “,” Madrid with Married “,” Freedom! “,” Married to La Moncloa “… Just before starting this great closing ceremony of the national convention of the PP, Casado has greeted those who had not been able to enter the square, due to the anti-Covid security measures, and upon entering, he went around the ring (through the alley), shouting “President, President”. It has watered from the heat and part of the public has left before married finished his speech, for about an hour under a blazing sun in the square.

Among the audience, the five autonomic barons and the president of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, who this time have remained in the background so as not to steal any prominence from the party president. PP leaders have shown their satisfaction to see the square full again: “The party is more alive than ever.”

In such an emblematic place for the PP as the bullring, Casado has had a special memory for Rita Barbera: “Here is the Popular Party again filling the Valencia bullring. This is the preamble to another great victory to regain the city council and restore the greatness that Valencia had with the great Rita Barberá. Very soon you will continue its legacy.”

“Here we continue, with the party united like a pineapple and strong as a rock, prepared to once again throw the country behind us, to rescue our compatriots from ruin and to open a new horizon for Spain,” the president proclaimed of the PP, in a speech in which he has not mentioned Pedro Sánchez even once.

“Here we are again with our heads held high, our hands white, our pockets clean and our hearts in love with Spain,” he said before an overturned audience, on a morning when a relentless sun fell on the bullring.

“The change is already here. We are prepared. You can trust us. We know where we are going. We have a plan for Spain. We will be at the height of the times and we will not disappoint anyone,” he assured Casado.

The leader of the PP has referred to the new parties as Ciudadanos: “Those who came to replace us have been staying on the road. The PP is a lot of PP and we have done the right thing: first offering unity and when they rejected it, doing it for the base”.

Casado has offered the Spanish a “new social contract, a contract with Spain”, to return power to citizens, limit the Government, strengthen institutions and Justice, create jobs and sustain our well-being

Casado has been especially clear when speaking of the Catalan independentists: “Let them hear us well: Catalonia is free because it is Spanish and it will continue to be so despite the pardons and tables of shame. And I want to say something very clear now that they are fulfilled. 4 years from October 1. We did what we had to do then and we will do what we have to do in the future. “

One of the biggest ovations for married people has come when he has referred to Puigdemont: “We will bring Puigdemont to the Supreme Court, even if we have to travel to the last country in Europe to demand respect for our Justice. Impunity with the coup plotters is fine. “.” Puigdemont, to prison! “, The public has chanted.

Another of the great ovations in the bullring has come when Casado has exclaimed that Spain does not have to apologize to anyone: “Spain does not have to apologize to anyone or for anything, on the contrary they must thank us for our contribution to America with the most important event of humanity, after Romanization, which is Hispanidad. Black legends and that culture of suicidal cancellation are over with the choirs from the government itself. “

Casado has opened the doors of the PP to the constitutionalists to form a large majority: “The Popular Party was founded to unite everything to the right of the PSOE, but now we also have to achieve the union of all constitutionalists.”

“We want all the liberals and conservatives to return, that the Social Democrats trust us, disappointed by the sanchismo that pacts with the friends of the murderers of socialist councilors and with the radical nationalists who call the Spaniards stupid beasts.”

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