The Chilean Government announces an investigation after two minors were wounded by a bullet by Carabineros


The Chilean Ministry of the Interior and the Police have announced this Wednesday the start of an investigation after two minors, 14 and 17 years old, have been shot and wounded by Carabineros agents, who entered a state center for minors of the city ​​of Talcahuano, in the center of the country, in circumstances that are not yet clear.

“Two adolescents aged 14 and 17 were injured by police personnel inside a residence for minors in Talcahuano”, confirmed the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, at a press conference.

The two young men were admitted to a city hospital Tuesday night. The Ministry of Health has detailed that both suffer gunshot wounds to their limbs. One of them will have to be operated on for a serious injury.

“It is about a 17-year-old young man with a serious injury from a bullet wound with a projectile entry and exit in his left thigh and who will have to undergo surgery; and a minor under 14 years old with a gunshot wound with entry and exit of the projectile in his leg, less serious, “ministerial sources have indicated.

In addition to these two boys, a Carabineros agent also had to go to the hospital due to “a cutting wound and a fracture in one of his arms,” ​​although “his condition is stable and out of seriousness,” the same sources say.

Preliminary investigations, Delgado has advanced, indicate that the agents would have gone to the center to escort a medical team, “given that there were some contexts, apparently, of certain violence,” who had been called to attend to a young man, “and in that moment, when the Carabineros arrive, there is a situation that is being investigated. “

The Chilean press has been able to speak with the brother of one of the youths from the center, who explained that “Carabineros behaved in a discriminatory manner (…), a fight broke out, where they drew their weapons and injured two young men, who came out in defense of my brother “, a person with psychiatric problems for whom the doctors would have turned due to a crisis.

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has decided to cancel an event scheduled for this Wednesday with the Carabineros. “He is focused on clarifying the truth in a total and timely manner,” reports the Chilean newspaper ‘La Tercera’, citing sources from La Moneda.

“We have requested maximum information from all the relevant authorities,” said Delgado, who in turn confirmed that the general director of the Carabineros, Mario Rozas, “has initiated a summary investigation,” which he hopes will be resolved “in a fairly short time. “.

Carabineros de Chile has accumulated innumerable complaints of excessive use of violence and human rights violations, both from national and international organizations. The police force has been one of the main ones pointed out by the violence generated in the last year during the social outbreak that generated the largest mobilizations in the recent history of Chile.

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