The Chinese city of Chengdu will carry out massive tests after detecting five cases of Covid of unknown origin




The Chinese city of Chengdu announced that will carry out massive coronavirus tests after a district At least five new cases of covid-19 were detected whose origin is still unknown, the official press reports today.

This city, capital of the central province of Sichuan, detected two cases in the Pidu area on Monday, a couple whose home, according to the results of samples taken by local pandemic management teams, was “severely contaminated” by the virus, present in places like a doorknob or in food stored in the refrigerator.

This Tuesday, the provincial authorities reported three new cases: one is the couple’s granddaughter, while the other two live in the same area as them.

These are the first cases of local contagion detected in the city since March, so the provincial government has announced the activation of the state of alarm reserved for times of war.

Chengdu Mayor Wang Fengchao has ordered that testing for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus be extended to all areas of the Pidu district, where one million people reside, to «Ensure that there is no omission (in the detection of new cases)».

All educational institutions in the district suspended their classes as of today, and access to the hospital where those infected are receiving treatment has been closed.

Likewise, the risk level of the residential complex where the first two infected live has been raised from low to medium and the list of areas and establishments visited in the last 14 days by their granddaughter has been published, which include a beauty salon, a park, restaurants or nightclubs.

According to the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, so far 46 close contacts of those infected have been identified and almost 25,000 tests have already been carried out on residents of the area.

Chengdu is not the only city in China where local cases are being registered in recent days, with some small outbreaks in other areas such as Inner Mongolia and others of a larger size such as Hong Kong, where 78 new cases were detected on Monday amid a fourth wave of infections that has raised the total number to almost 7,000, among whom 112 died.

In the former British colony, the local government leader has announced that dinners in restaurants will be banned again -That is, from 6 pm only take-out orders can be made- and sports facilities will be closed again, including gyms and beauty salons.

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