The Círculo de Economía abandons Aragonès and warns of the risk of “decline” in Catalonia




Catalonia can end up in a “Spiral of economic irrelevance” and a “slow but inexorable decline”. This was warned this Wednesday by the Cercle de Economía, one of the most important business lobbies in the community, which has charged against the government of Pere Aragonès and the pro-degrowth policies of Ada Colau. For the institution, which just a few months ago led the support of the Catalan patriciate to pardons to the leaders of 1-O, an urgent “change of course” is needed.

According to him Circle, neither Barcelona nor Catalonia today have a “prosperity model”. “Clueless societies miss out on opportunities that are very difficult to recover and, as in the Queen of Hearts hypothesis in Alice, you have to run a lot just to stay in the same place and twice as fast to get to another. We have already lost many opportunities in this decade. We have been denouncing it for years and we are doing it again now ”, the institution starts in a forceful and extensive opinion note released this Wednesday.

From the influential business entity they remember their initial support for Aragonès and claim the endorsement they gave in June to the pardons
for the independence leaders condemned by the Supreme Court, however, they confirm their disappointment with the Catalan president, whom they equate with Ada Colau. “None of the two most important institutions in the country has defined a prosperity model that can be shared by the vast majority of citizens,” warns the Circle before noting that both administrations make “ideological” economic policies designed without listening to the private sector.

«They are short-haul models, to satisfy the extremes. They do not take into account the consequences, sometimes unwanted, of economic decisions, and can generate worse effects than the problem that is well intentioned to solve. Too often inaction prevails over action ”, highlights the Circle, an entity that in the years of the ‘procés’ has been one of the few bridges that kept the independence movement connected with the main economic and business elites of Catalonia. “We cannot agree that the country is governed with a short-term, tactical and ideological vision, instead of a long-term perspective, where strategic vision, pragmatism and the general interest prevail,” adds the institution.

The example of Portugal

To resolve the moment of disorientation that Cercle businessmen see in Catalonia, the entity puts on the table a list of proposals for strategic sectors such as tourism, energy, digitization, health or industry. They also claim that countries like Portugal demonstrate that left-wing governments are not incompatible with ambitious economic policies and responsible. For this reason, they demand a “change of course” that returns Catalonia and Barcelona to normality and ambition.

«Society cannot wake up every day with a new crisis in its daily life. The first responsibility of administrations is to manage well, to make things work. Little epic, little romantic, but we reiterate that it is essential and the first obligation of a government, “adds Cercle. With their hard note today, the entrepreneurs point and end to his ‘idyll’ with Pere Aragonès, a president that ERC has always sold as a politician with a “technical and pragmatic” profile but whom the elites have now turned against.

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