The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal organization dedicated to the manipulation of digital tachographs




The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal organization that was dedicated to manipulating digital tachographs so that carriers could drive without complying with European regulations on driving times and breaks.

As reported by the Armed Institute, the operation has been carried out in the provinces of Burgos, Murcia and Seville, where a total of 10 people have been arrested and another five have been declared as being investigated, including several carriers.

Likewise, three entries and searches have been made in the different private homes of the detainees, as well as three entries and searches in industrial vehicle workshops. These establishments collaborated in the manipulation of digital tachographs, so that they have been intervened numerous effects and documentation and a large amount of cash, related to the facts investigated.

Tachograph handling

The disjointed network manipulated the digital tachograph through the modification of the «software», offering the carrier the possibility of driving without counting the driving hours or the kilometers traveled, violating current Community legislation. In this way, if they were stopped during a road inspection and transferred to a technical center, in order to check the tachograph, their manipulation was not detected.

Thus, the rigged device reflected absolutely false and different registration data from the real ones, referring to driving times, rest, availability, other work, speed and distance traveled, with the consequent danger to road safety, in addition to the unfair competition for the rest of the sector.

Dismantling of a criminal organization dedicated to the manipulation of digital tachographs
Dismantling of a criminal organization dedicated to the manipulation of digital tachographs – Civil Guard

With this type of fraud, when agents performed an inspection, they resulted in the creation of a document that misled about its authenticity. These types of devices are installed in all kinds of vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tons or that can transport 9 people or more.

From the Supreme Court ruling last January 15 of this year and the instruction of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Road Safety Chamber, the manipulation of this type of tachograph devices is punished as a crime of falsification of an official document, in addition to the possibility of investigation of the company that has them installed in their vehicles, being able to be investigated for a possible crime against workers’ rights.

The police operation, which was initiated by information from Europol, because the organization was located in different European countries, it has been developed by the Research and Analysis Group (GIAT Central), of the Civil Guard Traffic Group and personnel from the affected Commanderies (Citizen Security, Judicial Police and SEPRONA) and from the Cynological Service specialists in the detection of paper money related to the illicit activity carried out by the Group have intervened Criminal.

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