The Civil Guard to La Peraleda



It is good news that the Civil Guard barracks in La Vega Baja is no longer being built. The georadar has confirmed what was already known: that in that area there are important archaeological remains (Even a Roman road!). The next step is to see what is done with the Vega Baja: face the excavations and articulate this place as promenade area and gardens so that it can be enjoyed by citizens. And of course you can get a lot out of it with an interpretation center that explains what was there, which would be reasonable.

The new Civil Guard Barracks, That it is undoubtedly necessary and that it already has the economic endowment for its construction (seventeen million years), it seems that it will be done in an area of ​​La Peraleda, so called because there were many pear trees there. We could say that the staging of the news featured a important support, because those who are in charge of the Real attended Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences of Toledo and the Royal Foundation of Toledo. The area in which it is going to be built is the one that is next to the road, where there were some terraces in summer. The only downside that could be put is that it is thought that in La Peraleda there will be remains of the ancient Agaliense monastery, in which Saint Ildefonso was abbot (this is what the academic Ramón Gonzálvez emphasized in his research), but perhaps the location of this monastery is more towards the river, where there is a farmhouse. In any case, this would be solved very easily by going back to the georadar. Yes it is true that what It is also necessary to protect the view of the city that can be seen from that place, so it would be convenient that the barracks were not a tall building. Of course, this is better than not planning an urbanization of blocks of flats, as was considered before.

The area of ​​La Peraleda will end as a place for a bottle, of a place where to give some lessons to those who are learning to drive or skate, of a secluded place for orchestral maneuvers in the dark of the couples. And it is true that the impact that the disappearance of the The old barracks will be less due to the proximity of this place with its previous neighborhood.

A priori the assessment seems positive to me. My only reservations have to do with the possible existence of remains (which may be unlikely) and with the height. It is desirable that the design of the barracks is curious, not a vulgar building, but that it combines the value of practicality also with the architectural elegance that current times demand. I suppose that will be the case, and more so with nothing less than the School of Architecture very close. In any case, there is impeccable good news: for the second time the Vega Baja is safe from the imminent danger of the brick. It is time to think about what to do with the Vega Baja so that it is safe once and for all and recover the relevant significance it has.


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