The commitment to unilateralism confronts Junts and ERC




Both parties are part of the government of the Generalitat, but their strategy and language increasingly diverge. Esquerra Republicana and Junts face the next political course, which will start with the demonstration of the Diada and the holding of the first meeting of the dialogue table between the Generalitat and the Government, engaged in a dialectical game – for the moment without major consequences – on nuclear issues for the independence strategy. On the one hand the opportunity to continue providing support to the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, and on the other the unilateral appeal.

Even if only rhetorically, in Junts this weekend the need to “unbalance” the State was raised so that from the “soft spot»

accept to negotiate, an incendiary rhetoric that on the other hand is compatible with the fact that Vice President Jordi Puigneró (Junts) has agreed with the Government to invest in the Airport. What it is about is to mark distance with ERC and continue feeding the fantasies of his electorate, as Puigneró himself did, ensuring that the independence movement cannot renounce unilateralism.

The different strategy between them was reflected yesterday when the former president of the Parliament Carme Forcadell, one of those convicted of the cause of the independence process of 2017 and later pardoned by the Government, clearly opted to explore the possibilities of the dialogue table and asked leave one-sidedness for “later”. This is how it was pronounced in Catalunya Ràdio in response to Puigneró: «The issue of one-sidedness, let’s talk about it later. Let’s see what happens with the dialogue table, it is time for the dialogue table ».

According to Forcadell, the independence movement cannot renounce the banner of dialogue, and that betting now on the clash as in October 2017 would continue to be a road to nowhere: «If we do the same, the same would happen. You have to do something different.

Forcadell’s position is consistent with the turn taken by ERC, which in its intention to present itself as a government party and assume the role of the old Convergència, proclaimed before the summer, shortly before the granting of pardons, a resignation, although it was tactical and conjunctural, to the rupture by the unilateral way. The president himself Pere Aragonès He avoided responding to Puigneró and on the unilateralism he feigned explaining that “it is logical that there are many proposals” but that what it is about is to focus on the consensus that exists within the independence movement.

ERC’s apparently pragmatic position does not prevent it from continuing, to a lesser degree than Junts, by proclaiming what are the objectives to start the Government at the dialogue table: referendum and the amnesty «that ends the repression».

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