The commons transfer the PSOE-Podemos tension to Catalonia and accuse Illa of attempting a “fake” investiture




The commons, the confluence of which Podemos is a part in Catalonia, has transferred the tension experienced these days between socialists and purple in the Government to the negotiations for the investiture of the next president of the Generalitat. Thus, they have accused today the candidate of the PSC, Salvador Illa, of wanting to try an investiture «fake» when presenting to Parliament without sufficient votes to be elected.

«We cannot waste the time of the Catalans with negotiations that take longer than necessary or with investiture that is not guaranteed a majority», Said this Monday the deputy and spokesman for En Comú Podem, Joan Mena, at a press conference. Likewise, he has accused the Socialists of “frustrating” the Catalans with an attempt at investiture without a path that will turn the Parliament into a spectacle.

“We need a strong government,” he added while advancing that the commons will not endorse Illa, who already announced his intention to run for an investiture campaign. “The future of Catalonia passes through a broad agreement,” added the deputy after noting that his bet is to form a left-wing government with ERC, PSC, CUP and the commons. “If they really want to govern from the left, this cannot be done with Junts per Catalunya,” he added, insisting on his veto to the formation of Puigdemont.

With everything, ERC continues to redouble its efforts in favor of a “broad” front that brings together Junts, its current partners, the CUP and the commons. However, this offer already has the ‘no’ of both the neoconvergents and the commons, who have repeatedly refused to share space in the Government. According to Mena, the four leftist forces that obtained representation in the 14-F elections (comuns, ERC, PSC and the CUP) should not be “incompatible” with each other and should bet on aligning themselves to give a social response to the crisis of the coronavirus and offer a path based on dialogue on the issue of the Catalan conflict. «We need the left to understand each other. It cannot be that we have the Parliament farther to the left in history and that the forces of the left do not have the capacity to understand each other, “he added.

PSC: «Illa has won the elections»

This Monday, the deputy secretary of the PSC has also appeared before the press, Eva granados, who recalled that Salvador Illa was the winner of the 14-F elections and as such has the right to prepare his investiture. Thus, he has indicated that the Socialists – who prevailed in votes to ERC but who tied with them in seats – continue to negotiate the investiture of the former minister. «We won the 14-F elections and we want a progressive government led by the one who won the elections that is none other than Salvador Illa», Has recalled Granados after advancing that the PSC will meet for the second time with the commons this Wednesday.

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