The Community registers its lowest death toll in two months but triples the infections of the previous day




Castilla y León registered 14 new deaths from Covid-19 this Thursday, 11 of them in the hospitals of the Community and three more in residences, although five of the deaths in hospitals also came from residences. This is the lowest number of coronavirus victims in the Community since last October 12, when eight deaths were recorded. But nevertheless, the number of new positive cases for Covid-19 registered in the autonomy tripled in the last hours after four consecutive days of declines, reaching 475 compared to 142 that were recorded yesterday Wednesday.

Burgos again accounted for the majority of new deaths in the Community’s hospitals, registering five for a total of 515 since the pandemic was declared. The provinces of Palencia and Soria had to mourn two new deaths, and have a cumulative of 227 and 171 respectively, while Salamanca and Valladolid scored a new victim each, with 613 and 781 in total. Fortunately, the provinces of Ávila, León, Segovia and Zamora did not have to mourn new deaths in their hospitals, and maintain their figures at 240, 813, 256 and 302 respectively, reports Ical.

And the highest volume of new positives was registered one more day also in the province of Burgos, with 133 compared to the 37 recorded yesterday, followed closely by Valladolid, which multiplied its infections by going from 31 to 121. At a great distance appears León with 68, followed by Palencia with 44, Salamanca with 32, Zamora with 29, Segovia with 23, Ávila with 22 and Soria, with only three. Of these, 316 new positives were diagnosed in the last 24 hours, 93 in Burgos, 64 in León, 53 in Valladolid, 35 in Palencia, 19 in Salamanca and Segovia, 16 in Ávila, 14 in Zamora and 3 in Soria.

In total, the number of positives in autonomy since the pandemic began reaches 131,527, with 124,755 cases confirmed by PCR. The global number of infected amounts to 30,236 in Valladolid; 23,238 in Burgos; 21,498 in León; and 18,247 in Salamanca, the four with the most affected. Likewise, 9,005 positives were recorded in Palencia; 8,416 in Zamora; 8,071 in Segovia; 7,102 in Ávila; and 5,714 in Soria.

After weeks of steady decline, the number of outbreaks rebounded, from 189 that were declared active yesterday to 210 today, with 2,896 linked cases (373 more than a day earlier). Valladolid has the highest number of active outbreaks with 53 (669 linked cases, 89 more than yesterday), followed by Burgos with 26 (567). Next appear León with 23 (249); Zamora with 22 (388); Palencia with 21 (424, 77 more than yesterday); Salamanca with 20 (206); Ávila with 18 (124); Segovia with 16 (124) and Soria with 11 (145).

On the other hand, hospital discharges already reach 18,455, a total of 83 more than yesterday. The discharges total 4,473 in Valladolid, 3,358 in León, 2,641 in Salamanca, 2,586 in Burgos, 1,293 in Zamora; 1,186 in Segovia; 1,151 in Ávila; 1,049 in Palencia; and 718 in Soria.


Regarding nursing homes, the number of deaths reached 1,003 people today, three more than yesterday confirmed by COVID, although another 1,028 perished in these facilities with compatible symptoms. The residents who died after being transferred to a hospital with COVID, added 1,451, 5 more than yesterday; and another 77 lost their lives with symptoms. Thus, 2,454 residents died with confirmed COVID (1,451 in hospitals and 1,003 in centers) and another 1,105 (77 in hospitals and 1,028 in residences), with compatible symptoms. These data show a total of 3,559 deaths (8 more than yesterday) linked to the pandemic, 2,031 in residences and 1,528 in hospitals.

These centers serve 41,093 people and accumulate a mortality since the beginning of the pandemic of 10,738 deaths, of which 2,454 died with confirmed COVID and another 1,105 with symptoms. Those confirmed with COVID in these facilities amount to 12,577, of which 11,345 overcame the infection. Today, there are 30 isolated residents with symptoms compatible with COVID; and another 1,012 in quarantine asymptomatic.

As regards the Board’s centers, they serve 2,516 people, of which 30 are hospitalized. The deceased in these centers confirmed by COVID add up to 171 along with another 117 deaths with compatible symptoms. The infected amount to 926 and 904 overcame the disease. A total of 23 residents are in preventive isolation without symptoms and three more show symptoms.

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