The company that certifies Renfe emails confirms that the warning came to the drivers before the strike




The machinists of Renfe Called to work to meet the minimum services received the message from the public company. This has been confirmed by the CEO and founder of, Sisco Sapena. The multinational that Renfe turned to to send its statements, which operates in 75 countries, maintains that a communication error by the company towards its drivers is “not possible”, given the statement by the Semaf union that if the minimum services are not complied with decreed during their strike is because some workers were not notified.

To Sapena, “it is a fact” that the drivers received the message, and has ensured that, in addition, Renfe can check which of them viewed the message. has also ensured in a statement that, when sending certified mail, “documentary evidence is automatically generated” that determines when it was sent, from where, where and when it was received, and the content of the communication.

Renfe has opened 31 files to train drivers from Rodalies de Catalunya and Cercanías de Valencia who have incurred offenses considered “very serious” during the two days of strike called on September 30 and October 1.

In addition, the Legal Services and the Human Resources department of Renfe andThey are analyzing the additional opening of new files, have informed sources of the railway operator.

Depending on the result of these proceedings, the drivers could be sanctioned with between suspension of five days of employment and salary until dismissal, as explained by Renfe sources.

In addition, the railway operator has reinforced the notifications of letters to the train drivers in view of the next days of strike called by the unions SEMAF and SF, making deliveries in three ways: by certified email, by burofax and personally by hand.

“This is how the vCommunication ways to avoid non-compliance of minimum services, mainly in Rodalies de Catalunya and Cercanías de Valencia that has been registered in the strike days of last Thursday and Friday, “he added.

The application ‘’ It is the first way that Renfe uses to send the letter of the minimum services that each machinist must comply with, a letter that the Semaf union, which is the one that has called this eight-day strike, assures that it has not reached all the workers and That is why they have not gone to their jobs.

Likewise, the operator is also communicating by burofax personnel directed to the file worker and by burofax directed to the local committees to which these workers are assigned the opening of the files.

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