“The conflict between the US and China can lead to a military war”




The spiral of apocalyptic messages continues to grow at Web Summit, whose virtual doors closed this Friday, December 4, with a blackout from its headquarters in Lisbon. But what a couple of years ago sounded like outright speculation today is approaching an increasingly worrying reality. For this reason, the words of Ray Dalio, President of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund: “The conflict between the United States and China may lead to a military war.”

This is not mere belligerent rhetoric “made in the USA”, it is a palpable threat in these unrest times, as Pessoa would say. Their arguments leave no room for doubt: “This all started as a commercial battle, which is obviously continuing. But later a technological battle, a geopolitical one, a capital battle has been added… and a rivalry is being established that could be the prelude to that military war.

For Dalio, “China represents an emerging power that challenges us all and, in those cases, large-scale war constitutes a total risk that is there.” The key is that we are facing “an emerging power that has become equal and comparable to the United States in many respects.”

The Bridgewater president, whose wife is from Madrid, said that he has studied 16 cases in which, over the last 500 years, as many countries threatened the world leader and that on 12 occasions war ended up exploding. In his opinion, only empathy and understanding they can curb this trend that can lead to catastrophe.

Dalio, who is in the “top 10” of the richest men on the planet, manages a global volume of 114,000 million euros and is one of those who best knows the ins and outs of Wall Street to dive into such a tidal wave like a fish in water .

Web Summit has reached, in this edition through the internet, 104,000 online attendees, who have not hesitated to pay the 220 euros that the offered package cost, although the VIP access was quoted at 1,000 euros for the three days of talks. 45.8% of the viewers and listeners were women, a record that is close to equal standards. More macro-figures waiting to once again hold a face-to-face edition on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in November of next year: 168 countries represented and 2,007 virtual companies present.

The technological appointment directed by the guru Paddy Cosgrave ha shown an unstoppable progression in this atypical 2020, with a closed number of universal access conferences and others that require a code that only those who pay the required fee receive.

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