The Congress approves the Budgets between demands to Sánchez on the independence prisoners




The Congress of Deputies has approved this noon without surprises the opinion of the Budgets for 2021 with 188 votes in favor (PSOE, United We Can, ERC, PNV, EH Bildu, PDeCat, More Country, Compromís, NC, Teruel Exists and the PRC) to 154 votes against (PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, CC, CUP, Junts, Navarra Suma or Foro), and no abstention.

The result is a political success for Sánchez because he increases the “yeses” he obtained at his inauguration: 167 members of a simple majority. The 188 obtained today far exceed the absolute majority (176). “They have a social communist government for a while,” the second vice president boasted yesterday, Pablo Iglesias, full on.

However, this result includes a price and now leaves a debt that Sánchez will have to pay during the three years that he wants to extend the legislature, until 2023. And the new stable partners of the Chief Executive have reminded him this Thursday in the final shift of interventions before the vote.

ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián celebrated that “the center of gravity of the State has changed” and that after 40 years agreeing “with right-wing sovereignty” now the Government “must necessarily agree with the Basque and Catalan leftist independence movement: welcome to a new era ».

“I end with a warning to all of those who are committed to politics and dialogue, we will achieve between now and February 14 in this upcoming electoral campaign and in those to come, in all of them, we show that politics and dialogue serve something or politics will not be politicians will go as witches, wrath of magic, “he claimed in clear allusion to the freedom of the prisoners by 1-O.

“We have to do the possible and the impossible,” he continued. “I can assure you that this country can put up with first-class things in democracy,” he has squeezed the Government.

ERC has agreed to a broad package of amendments with the Executive but its fundamental claim is the freedom of the 1-O prisoners. The Government is debating whether to carry it out by granting a pardon or through a reduction of the crime of sedition, and whether to do it before or after the Catalan elections.

For his part, the spokesman for the PDeCat, Ferrán Bel, has warned that the support of their parties to the accounts should be understood as a gesture of confidence and that from now on they will be “demanding” with the Government. Bel has asked for “courageous and firm steps” to solve the “problem” existing in Catalonia, highlighting the fact that 75 percent of Catalan deputies have given their support to the accounts. “There will be no excuses, this is an exercise in trust and they know what some Catalans are risking with this.”

EH Bildu’s spokeswoman, Mertxe Aizpurua, declined to intervene this Thursday. The group coordinated by Arnaldo Otegi has carried out a single intervention

The departure of the King, 275 supports

Compared to the 188 “yeses” obtained by the vast majority of the sections, the budget referring to the House of the King has collected a total of 275 supports, symbol that there is parliamentary arithmetic within constitutionalism.

The accounts will now be forwarded to the Senate for approval if no amendments are made. If the High camera includes changes, the Budgets will return to Congress and will be approved in an extraordinary plenary session on December 29. The approval of this opinion opens a new political stage by turning the secessionists into stable partners of the Executive, with a view to introducing reforms that will have a territorial and institutional as well as economic and social background.

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