The coronavirus pandemic exceeds 70 million cases worldwide


The new coronavirus pandemic has exceeded 70 million cases worldwide in recent hours and is close to 1.6 million global deaths, according to the balance updated to this Saturday by Johns Hopkins University.

With the new data, the global death toll now reaches 1,596,108 fatalities, while the patients who have recovered now exceed 45 million, with India leading the way with more than 9.29 million people cured.

The United States has registered the worst case data of the entire pandemic in recent weeks and adds more than 231,000 positives and 3,309 deaths in the last daily balance, which exceeds 15.8 million infected people, also leading the classification by number of deaths, with 295,522 fatalities.

India, the second worst hit country in the world, continues with the downward trend in the rate of infections. So far it has more than 9.8 million cases and accumulates 142,628 deaths.

Brazil remains in third position in this classification, which is configured based on data from 191 countries and territories with coronavirus cases. The South American giant has registered more than 6.8 million cases and 180,437 deaths.

In the case of Russia, it has 2.6 million positives and 45,923 deaths, while France, in fifth place, has so far registered 2.4 million infections and 57,671 deaths.

In sixth place, the United Kingdom accumulates 1.81 million confirmed cases and 63,603 fatalities, ahead of Italy, which has confirmed 1.8 million positives and 63,387 deaths.

As the eighth country most affected by the pandemic is Spain, with 1.73 million infections and 47,624 deaths.

Next is Argentina, the second country with the most cases in Latin America and which already adds 1.48 million positives and 40,606 deaths, while the ‘top 10’ is completed by Colombia, which accumulates 1.4 million cases and 38,669 victims mortals.


Germany is also over a million cases, with 1.31 million positives and 21,567 fatalities; Mexico, which has 1.22 million positives and 113,019 deaths; Poland, which registers 1.1 million infections and 22,174 deaths, and Iran, which accumulates 1.09 million positives with 51,727 deaths.

Still below one million, Peru has 979,111 people with coronavirus and 36,499 deaths, ahead of the 955,766 infected and the 15,751 deaths recorded in Turkey. Ukraine adds 908,839 infections and 15,528 deaths, ahead of South Africa, the country most affected in Africa by the pandemic, with 845,083 infected and 22,952 deaths.

Above the half a million positives are Indonesia (605,243), the Netherlands (604,452), Belgium (600,397), the Czech Republic (575,422), Iraq (572,600), Chile (567,974) and Romania (545,567).

With more than 400,000 positives are Bangladesh (487,849), Canada (452,543), the Philippines (447,039) and Pakistan (435,056). Already in the arc of the 300,000 infections are Morocco (394,564), Switzerland (373,831), Saudi Arabia (359,583), Israel (353,269), Portugal (340,287), Sweden (320,098) and Austria (316,581).

In the range of 200,000 to 300,000 infections are Hungary (276,247), Serbia (255,758), Jordan (255,459), Nepal (246,694) and Ecuador (200,765).

Above 100,000 positives are Panama, Georgia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Japan, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Armenia, Bolivia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Guatemala, Slovakia, Oman Moldova , Greece, Egypt, Ethiopia, Honduras, Tunisia, Venezuela, Palestinian Territories, Burma and Denmark.

China, the country where the pandemic originated, has 94,124 infected and 4,748 fatalities.

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