The cosmetic surgeries most requested by men this year

Having an attractive face and body is no longer an exclusively feminine desire. The man increasingly takes care of his image and this includes from the use of face creams and corporal, until the visit to the beauty centers, without forgetting the hairdressers and barber shops. Hair loss continues to be the first cosmetic concern, so hair grafting has become the most requested surgery for men.

Also, from the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery point out that there is an increasing percentage of men who attend aesthetic clinics. “While among young people the most demanded surgery is Rhinoplasty. In middle-aged men, the most requested facial surgeries are eyelid surgery and submandibular reduction (the dewlap). As for the body, the most popular is high definition liposuction, mainly among male athletes who are unable to define a specific area ”.

Capillary graft

Alopecia affects a significant percentage of men, so hair grafting is, without a doubt, the most requested cosmetic surgery. In Dorsia Clinics offer two techniques: FUSS It consists of extracting a strip from the back of the head (where the hair does not stop growing) to transplant it into the hairless area. According to the experts of the center “the survival rate of the follicles in the FUSS technique is more than 95%”. And the FUE technique that consists of extracting follicular units, using a scalpel called a punch, from the neck and sides, and selecting the optimal ones for transplantation.

Hair grafting is in high demand
Hair grafting is in high demand – ©Instagram: @jason_stathams

The expert is the one who decides which technique to use in each patient. The recovery period is faster with the FUE technique. The postoperative period is long, in the first days there may be redness as part of the healing process. After 3 weeks, the follicles shed, so it is a somewhat alarming phase. After 3 months the hair begins to grow and the changes are noticed little by little, and in a year the hair will look normal.

Price: between € 6,000 and € 10,000.

Surgery of bags and eyelids with laser

The lower bags appear tired and aging to the face, and it is one of the main concerns in middle-aged men. Therefore, according to the doctor Gema Pérez Sevilla, maxillofacial surgeon, expert in aesthetic medicine and director of the clinic that bears his name, “surgery for bags and sometimes also for eyelids (to remove excess skin from the upper eyelid) is one of the most demanded procedures. Men want operations with a quick recovery and that they do not leave scars to be able to return to their working life as soon as possible, and this has made the blefaroláser in the best alternative to rejuvenate the masculine look ”.

The faces of George Clooney or Brad Pitt, the most requested
The faces of George Clooney or Brad Pitt, the most requested – ©Instagram: @_georgeclooneyfanpage_

According to the expert, “with this technique both the excess skin of the upper eyelid and the bags of the lower eyelid are removed, using a new generation laser and radio frequency”. The procedure is performed under high-security sedation, allowing you to go home 1-2 hours later. The first days the area is inflamed, but in 5-7 days it is possible to lead a normal life, in the case of bags, and in 7-10 days, if the upper blepharolaser has been performed. Compared to conventional blepharoplasty, the blepharoplasty offers, according to Dr. Pérez Sevilla, “less aggressiveness, which leads to a faster recovery, more safety, thus reducing the risk of bruising and a more natural finish.”

Price: from € 2,000.

Abdomen liposculpture

For genetic and hormonal reasons, man tends to accumulate fat in the abdomen area, something that has nothing to do with weight and in fact it is common to see thin men with guts. So another of the most successful cosmetic surgeries among men is liposculpture of the abdomen, which helps to show off the desired ‘six pack’.

The interventions require a recovery period of about 10 days
The interventions require a recovery period of about 10 days – © Man Medical Institute

At the Menorca Clinic they offer three different techniques to reduce abdominal fat and mark tablets: tumescent liposculpture, Lipo Vaser® and laser liposculpture. All are ambulatory, are performed under local anesthesia and sedation, which allows you to go home after the intervention. Recovery time is 10 days, although afterwards it is necessary to wear a compression girdle day and night for a month. The results are visible immediately, but the definitive ones are appreciated after 6 months.

Price: 2.990 €.

Breast surgery

It may be the one that surprises you the most, but according to the Dr. Ignacio Ortega Ramírez, Director of the Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of Face Clinic, one of the most common consultations among men is the treatment of gynecomastia. It is an accumulation of fat or glandular tissue in the breast area, which gives great volume to male breasts. The expert explains that “it can be treated by liposuction or surgery or a combination of both, depending on the assessment of each patient.”

Price: 5.000 €.

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