The Cuban Government considers the opposition march a “provocation” in search of “the desired military intervention”

“The right to demonstrate cannot be used to subvert the political system,” argues the Foreign Ministry.


The Government of Cuba has justified its veto of an opposition demonstration on November 15, arguing that it is a “provocation” and that there are behind both internal and external interests – from the United States – to provoke some type of incident that justifies “the desired Military intervention”.

“Enough of lies and rude manipulations of the facts,” the Cuban Foreign Ministry has proclaimed, a few hours after the Archipelago platform, promoter of the concentration, announced that it maintains its call despite not having the approval of the authorities of the island.

The protest was initially dated for November 20, but the organizers decided to advance it by five days in anticipation of military maneuvers that, in the words of the Government, are carried out “constantly”, in an attempt to uncheck both events and in the face of fears of a opposition that feels their rights are curtailed.

For the regime, those who sought “the failure of socialism” with the July 11 protests “are frustrated and rushed in their plans”, so they seek “destabilizing actions” and “provoke the incident that leads to the social outbreak that fosters the longed-for military intervention “. “No one is going to be crushed by tanks in the streets as the spokesmen of the next provocation have spread,” he stressed.

In this sense, Foreign Affairs has pointed out that this “soft coup” lacks a social base in Cuba and responds to interests “duly instructed, financed and supported from abroad”, particularly from the United States. “Under the false banner of pacifism, they seek to provoke new disturbances, generate chaos and induce the destabilization of the country,” said the department headed by Bruno Rodríguez.

Thus, Havana considers that the “supposedly peaceful” march is an “articulated provocation”, and has even ironized the fact that it was initially called on the birthday of the president of the United States, Joe Biden. “Did you want to celebrate President Biden’s birthday with an attack on the Revolution that has bothered the imperial administrations so much for 62 years? They were left with the desire,” he has sentenced.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry has assured that the promoters of the banned march have manifest ties with the United States and that the Biden Administration has been “directly” involved in the “promotion” of future mobilizations, despite the fact that its Embassy on the island “He has not fulfilled any diplomatic office for years” and his officials act “as babysitters for counterrevolutionary and provocative exponents.”

“With such sponsors and declared purposes, it is very difficult to boast of civility and pacifism in the action called for November. Much less of legitimate and sovereign intentions”, has insisted the Government of Miguel Díaz-Canel, determined to “defend itself from foreign aggression “,” regardless of the disguise she takes. “


The organizers of the next demonstration have argued that, by not authorizing the appointment, the Government has violated the Constitution. However, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this same Magna Carta also establishes that “people’s rights are limited”, including that of demonstration. The Cuban government has indicated that opposition movements “use constitutional precepts to defend unconstitutional strategies.”

Remember that, according to the Constitution, the socialist regime is “irrevocable”, so “it is clear that neither now nor in the future the right to demonstrate can be used to subvert the political system, to overthrow the Cuban socialist project or to establish alliances with groups and organizations that receive foreign financing. “

“In our country there is no right to act in favor of the interests of a foreign power and to put citizen stability at risk. It is unconstitutional, illegitimate, immoral, to join an annexationist project. Our laws say it and our history says it.” , has riveted.

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