The Cuban regime prohibits the peaceful march of 15N

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Cuban authorities yesterday declared the march “illegal” called for November 15 (15N) by the Archipiélago group platform and alleged that it constitutes a violation of the 2019 Constitution. “Regarding the request, the reasons given for the march are not recognized as legitimate. The promoters and their public projections, as well as the links of some with subversive organizations or agencies financed by the US Government, have the manifest intention of promoting a change in the political system in Cuba ». This reaffirms that the announced march, whose organizational scheme is conceived simultaneously for other territories of the country, constitutes a provocation as part of the regime change strategy for Cuba, tested in other countries.

“In addition, as soon as it was announced, the march received public support from US legislators, political operators and the media who encourage actions against the people They are trying to destabilize the country and urge military intervention, “said Alexis Acosta Silva, Mayor of the Old Havana Administration Council, in the letter sent to the playwright Yunior García Aguilera, one of the coordinators of the Archipelago group.

According to the organizers, the march aims to protest in against violence, to demand respect for human rights and the release of political prisoners, as well as to advocate for the peaceful and democratic solution of the differences between Cubans.

However, in the document, entitled “Response to the document presented on the decision of conduct a march for destabilizing purposes“Acosta Silva cites Article 45 of the Magna Carta, which stipulates that” the exercise of people’s rights is only limited by the rights of others, collective security, general welfare, respect for public order, to the Constitution and the laws ”; and Article 4, which establishes the “irrevocable” character of the socialist system, “for which all action taken against it is illegal,” he explains. It also states that the Constitution, “approved in a referendum by 86.85 percent of the voters,” provides “the right to fight by all means against anyone who tries to overthrow the established political, social and economic order.”

Last week, the Archipelago group was forced to advance the Civic March for Change to November 15, initially called for November 20 (20N), after the Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR) announced the total militarization from the country to carry out military exercises on November 18 and 19, culminating on November 20, declared National Defense Day.

Violation of human rights

Prisoners Defenders points out that, “if art. 4 of the irrevocability of the system, and it is forbidden for the people to express their opinion in a peaceful demonstration, the sovereignty of the people over their system and evolution is denied as a rule and de facto, which confirms a tyranny against the people.

For its part, the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) denounced the prohibition of peaceful march, alleging that it is “a flagrant violation of human rights.” Through an official statement, the organization said that, in the midst of “a climate of threats, arbitrary arrests and detention in the homes of the promoters of the initiative, the Cuban government once again closes the doors to citizen participation, by criminalizing the exercise of a right ”.

The OCDH ends by calling on the European Union to “condemn this clear violation of human rights in Cuba, incompatible with the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation between Cuba and the EU.”

For the many intellectuals, journalists, artists, human rights activists and representatives of civil society that make up the platform, “the response of the regime shows once again that the rule of law does not exist in Cuba, that they are not willing to respect even their own constitution and that they violate the Human Rights of Cubans. The regime’s response has made the president of the Supreme Court himself ridiculous, who said that Cuba would respect the right to demonstrate. The regime’s response is full of falsehoods, smears and lies. The response of the regime constitutes a crime ”.

Therefore, despite the refusal of the Cuban authorities, the Archipelago group’s resolution was firm: “On November 15, our personal decision will be to march peacefully and civically for our rights. In the face of authoritarianism we will respond with civility and more civility ».

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