The deputy secretary of the PSdeG insists on accusing the Coruña Government of not paying its fees




The internal mess in A Coruña socialism continues, due to the contributions of the members of the local government, except for the dismissed councilor and local secretary of the formation, Eva Martínez Acón. Yesterday the general vice-secretary of the party in Galicia, Pablo Arangüena, remarked that the PSdeG councilors are not aware of the payment of fees. Even so, the party’s number two denies that this tense situation is causing a “rupture” between the party and the Government of the second city of Galicia, one of the great spoils that the party managed to recover in the municipal elections.

The general vice-secretary demanded that the councilors respect “ethics and regulations” at a press conference held yesterday at the party’s grouping in the Herculean city. “The truth is that for 16 months a series of public officials from A Coruña failed to comply with their contributions to the party”, explained before questions from the media, collects Ep. The dismissed councilor herself affirmed in a press release sent by the party in La Coruña that during the time she had government responsibility and until she was dismissed she paid 3,500 euros, while the mayor, Inés Rey, and the municipal spokesperson, José Manuel Lage Tuñas, paid “zero euros.”

The municipal spokesman, before this statement, but after that of Arangüena, pointed out that his situation regarding the party’s quotas “and that of any other comrade” are “regularized”, Efe collects. Arangüena in his speech was very harsh with the spokesman, noting that he has “much higher public income” than the President of the Government himself, Pedro Sánchez. “More than a deputy like me.” “I enter the contributions that correspond to me like all the deputies,” he remarked. However, Lage Tuñas refused to speak publicly of “internal affairs” of the party. The mayor also ruled out referring to matters of the political life of her party at a press conference in which she was acting as mayor of the city.

Arangüena wanted to deny that she takes a position with any part of the party, although she came out in defense of Martínez Acón, since “she is known for being enormously hard-working” and “honest.” Thus, he stressed that “he never lived off politics” and lamented the “public scorn to which he has been subjected,” he said, “for trying to enforce the rules.”

According to number two of the PSdeG the former councilor asked “insistently” and “repeatedly” that the councilors pay the fees and said that she was terminated “precisely on the day the first payments of the contributions were made.” “She was expressly warned that she would be terminated if she continued to claim the money,” she censured.

In addition, the socialist responsible reported the sending of two resolutions to the municipal Executive. According to what he said, the party leadership sent “instructions” to the local government spokesman, José Manuel Lage Tuñas, for the municipal group to sign the agreement with the Socialist Group and another to all councilors in which they are “urged” to “regularize” their contributions. Arangüena concluded by stating that to meet the quotas “there is still a lot” even after the “small contributions” they made last day 10. “It is a considerable amount,” he said, to argue that today there is “no one” who be up-to-date with local government payments.

Asked about the situation of the secretary of Organization of the local executive, María Jesús Guardado, which various information places without being registered in the party in recent months, Arangüena affirmed that it is due to a problem of non-payment for a “banking” issue that he considered “cannot be compared” with the case of the municipal spokesperson. Precisely, last Monday, Guardado signed a statement in which the municipal Executive transferred its support to Martínez Acón and requested the protection of the higher bodies

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