“The deviation of mortality data between the INE and Health is very small”




The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has considered this Thursday as “very minor” the “deviation” between the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) on the deceased “identified” by covid in the first wave, which amount to 32,652, and the 27,127 accounted for by his department .

In this way the minister has expressed himself, who has defended this statistic as an exercise in government ‘transparency’, which is who the INE depends on, during his appearance at the Health Commission when asked by PP deputy Ana Pastor about this matter.

According to the data collected by the INE on the causes of death during the first wave of the pandemic, there were 45,648 deaths from coronavirus, all registered from March to May, which exceed 18,557 deaths computed by the Ministry of Health.

Within the group of infectious diseases, covid appears as the most frequent cause of death, with 32,652 deaths with the “identified” virus and 13,032 with the “suspected” virus; In that period, Health had recorded 27,127 deaths. «I know the data of the INE. If you mix diagnosed cases with suspected cases, you get a number; If you make the comparison with diagnosed cases and diagnosed cases, you will see that the deviation in the count of deaths is much lower, “Illa replied to the PP spokesperson in the Commission.

“In any case, you will agree with me that this is an effort for transparency, right? Because the INE does not depend on my knowing about the Popular Party, it depends on the Government: there you have a sample of how we act,” Illa asserted.

On the other hand, during his appearance at the Commission on the anticovid vaccine, the minister insisted that the vaccination plan approved two weeks ago is an “adaptable, flexible and living document” depending on the approval and availability of the different vaccines being tested.

And it will always be the technicians, whose names has promised to make known “in due course”, those who participate in its preparation, those who have the last word, also regarding how those over 80 will have to be vaccinated, a group that the PP has asked to be established as a priority.

In any case, the vaccination plan will be unique for the entire national territory and there will not be 17 different ones, Illa has guaranteed, who has also advanced that the vaccination registry is ready to start working shortly: «The system is already overturned and is ready to start working next week, if it were to missing ”, he specified.

A registry that will take advantage of those that communities already have to make them “interoperable” and that, he recalled, will allow a record of the doses administered, the types and batches of vaccines, as well as identify each of the patients who are manages, among other variables.

Illa thanked “From the heart” to all the spokespersons that they have agreed on the message that the vaccine “marks a horizon of hope and saves lives.” “It is the happiest time I will go out because everyone has been to what I think the moment demands more than” and none has opened “the slightest gap of understanding with the anti-science and the deniers,” he celebrated.

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