The Dreambeach Madrid festival is canceled due to neighborhood complaints and “noise in networks” five days after the event



The festival Dreambeach It has been held every August, until the arrival of the Covid, on the Almeria beach of Villaricos-Palomares, with the presence of more than 150,000 attendees from all over Spain and other countries every year. This year, for the first time, it was going to move its headquarters to Madrid to carry out a reduced edition. ‘Dreambeach Madrid Edition’ was going to have a world-class billboard entirely dedicated to Techno music. Its headliners were to be the German Boris Brejcha and the Russian Nina Kraviz, two of the most fit DJs in the international underground electronic scene, in addition to Ida Engberg, Gonçalo, CJ Jeff, Ann Clue, Alterminds, Angelo, Nelson Fernández , I Am Jas and Sosandlow.

The event already had the green light from the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid to be held safely in La Nueva Leganés cover before 4,500 people seated this coming September 18. The contingency plan that was to be applied in the covered bullring of Leganés already had the seal of approval of the regional government: the festival would last a total of 12 hours and would be carried out with seated capacity and restricted to 40% of the capacity of the enclosure, with a mandatory mask and, from the moment of purchase, users were assigned a non-transferable seat in perimeter areas controlled by security guards. In order to achieve the goal of zero contagion, the Dreambeach organization was going to go beyond Order 467/2021, of April 16, from the Madrid Ministry of Health, which established preventive measures against Covid- 19 after the alarm state. In this sense, it was going to be mandatory to present a vaccination certificate with a complete schedule or, alternatively, a PCR test or an antigen test with a negative result carried out a maximum of 48 hours before. In addition, it was possible to open the retractable roof of the arena as an additional anti-Covid measure, in order to improve ventilation. But none of this has been able to fight local discontent: the festival has had to be canceled due to complaints and noise on Twitter.

This has been explained by its organization in a statement sent to the press. «With all our pain, we regret to announce the cancellation of Dreambeach Madrid Edition, scheduled for September 18 at La Nueva Cover in Leganés. The entire Dreambeach team is devastated to have to make this decision, but since we announced the event we have had to deal with numerous complaints from local residents and we have endured a lot of noise from disgruntled citizens and customers on social media. Although we are about to defeat the virus, live music and dance culture still trigger the most bitter fears of the people, “the cancellation text begins.

The organizers explain to the ticket buyers that they do not have to do “anything”, as the amount of the tickets will be refunded automatically in the same means of payment that was used. “It is also time for self-criticism,” the statement continues. «We had all the health permits for Dreambeach Madrid Edition to be a healthy festival. However, we have not been able to communicate to the public that, at this time, safe culture events can be held. Combining access with a mandatory vaccination certificate or negative PCR, capacity control and intelligently designed internal mobility, reaching the goal of zero infections is possible. We have been wanting to prove it. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to dreamers, artists, agencies, and vendors. We knew we were taking a risk by being the first to re-host an electronic music festival in a big city after the nightmare of the pandemic. Next time we will not fail you. Dreamer’s word.

The artistic director of the festival, Gonçalo Miranda, who was interviewed a few days ago by ABC, regretted the situation in his sector but was optimistic about the celebration of the ‘Dreambeach Madrid Edition’. «The measures that have been taken to deal with Covid-19 have been unfairly primed with nightlife, live music and dance culture. The entire long chain of artists, workers and professionals in the sector accumulates 18 devastating months for their pockets and their personal lives. An entire industry has been banned, while many neighboring European countries have shown that safe events can be organized and that music and fun are not to blame for the outbreaks. We are optimistic, yes. We believe that the worst of this long journey through the desert is over, and precisely with Dreambeach Madrid Edition we wanted to mark a turning point and proclaim that we are alive.

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