The Earthquake becomes entangled with a snake and is one step away from the final of «MasterChef»



«MasterChef Celebrity 5» it already has its five finalists, and among them is not The Alcorcón Earthquake. He got entangled with a snake in the final test plate and paid for it with expulsion. Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Rachel Meroño, Flo, Josie Y Nicolas Coronado they will compete for the trophy. The triumph is more open than ever after the one who until yesterday was the top favorite, the actor and model Coronado, was about to take the place of La Terre. While the son of Paola Dominguín deflates, like foam, the figure of Rachel Meroño.

Proposals with a jury flavor

The night of the semifinal began with a test in which the applicants had to replicate six elaborations of Pepe Rodriguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera Y Jordi Cruz. The dishes and cooking times (all started with 120 minutes, which were reduced according to their ability to bid) were decided in an auction, held in the presence of two applicants from a previous edition of «MasterChef Celebrity», Los Chunguitos. They left a moment for the “highlights” of the program’s history, the trio they formed with Ainhoa ​​Arteta to the sound of “I stay with you”.

Josie He had 70 minutes to make ris de veau glacé with mushrooms, potato crisp, vanilla air, and truffle powder. “It takes a thousand elaborations,” the stylist complained about Samantha’s proposal.

The humorist Flo He counted one hour and five minutes to fight with a pine nut carbonara risotto (with parmesan white, rooster combs and white truffle butter) designed by Jordi Cruz.

Pepe Rodríguez was surprised by presenting a dessert: «Lemon cookie» (lemon, biscuit and herbs). It was up to Rachel Meroño, who had an hour to take him to the judges’ table.

The man who has won the favorite poster of this edition, Nicolas CoronadoHe bid for a hazelnut financier with glacé brown cream and meringue milk bavarois. Samantha devised it and José Coronado’s son had 55 minutes to replicate it. “It’s a sponge cake”, the chefs explained to Los Chunguitos –and incidentally to a large part of the audience– what that “financier” was.

An hour and a half had the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta to imitate the corn and foie gras taco with coffee, chili, vanilla, coffee and mole by Jordi Cruz.

And with the same time it counted The Alcorcón Earthquake to cook a minimalist dish from the chef from Illescas: lentil soup with extra virgin olive oil and fried egg.

After the cooked, the moment of truth arrived.

“I have felt that there is an evolution,” she appeared satisfied Ainhoa; The corn flavor got out of hand and the dish was not as crunchy as it should be, but it was quite close to the original. Better stopped even came out Flo: “It’s very good,” said Juan Salazar, and Pepe Rodríguez seconded him. “It’s a great deal,” confirmed the chef. Nicolas Coronado he crashed “upon hearing the word pastry,” according to Samantha, and fell off the winning horse. “I have repeated everything,” confessed the boy before the judges tasted his dessert. “Everything is half-baked,” Samantha lamented. The Alcorcón Earthquake he offered “good things and bad things,” in the words of the one from Illescas. Josie He confessed to having had a good time making a dish “more aesthetic than delicious”, according to the chefs’ judgment, as the stylist did not find the point of the gizzards, which remained raw. Rachel Meroño he “got lost” with a dessert that he found “difficult” and “embarrassed” to present.

The winners were, in this order, Flo Y Ainhoa ​​Arteta.

Arteta and Meroño, first finalists

In the beautiful light of the Salamanca town of The swimming pool the outdoor test was developed. The chef Carlos Hernandez, from the ConSentido restaurant, designed a four-course menu for 60 people that the applicants had to prepare in 180 minutes.

Flo (captain), Rachel Meroño Y Nicolas Coronado they formed the team blue, who cooked the starter (embuchadas asadurilla stew) and the first course (rooster crests, chips and brioche torrija), because that is how the comedian chose it. Therefore, the Red they integrated it Ainhoa ​​Arteta (capitana), The Alcorcón Earthquake Y Josie. They were responsible for preparing the second dish (zorongollo and dressing in blown bread) and the dessert (acorn, carob, almond and ocal).

At stake were two tickets for the final. On this occasion, contrary to the usual, the verdict was individual and not by teams.

The team led by a Flo very active and organized, in a great captain plan. On the other side, the two artists wasted time in discussions and not in elaborations. That was the way it was when the chefs ordered the teams to switch kitchens. The captains were given little time to give each other information on how to complete what was already on the fire.

The change misplaced Flo, who went from one side to another to the amazement of the judges and, above all, of his companions. While Rachel Meroño sweated and worked, and Coronado he cooked in silence like an ant, the comedian imitated Rajoy. Meroño asked him to stop doing the chameleon and focus on the zorongollo, already difficult from its name. He focused a bit more, but some tomatoes were burned and he forgot about some preparation. For these and other reasons Jordi Cruz removed the captain’s apron to put on the actress.

Meroño and Arteta celebrate their pass to the final
Meroño and Arteta celebrate their passage to the final – RTVE

On the other side, Ainhoa ​​Arteta suffered a small Anxiety Attack due to pressure from the chefs and the moment. “People think I’m very strong, that they can tell me whatever they want,” he complained, but then he recovered.

Time for the jury. TO Nicolas Coronado He was accused of a certain indolence and a black apron was endorsed on him. Flo he was also sent to the final test for having deflated and having been delegated as captain. His work ended up doing Rachel Meroño and that earned him a ticket to the final. The other was for Ainhoa ​​Arteta for her good work as captain and cook of the red team. TO The Earthquake he lacked speed and Josie it was not thorough. “Nine pits already,” complained the stylist. “Ona Carbonell made nine pits and was the winner,” he replied Pepe Rodriguez.

The exotic final challenge

The end of the contest is approaching, the program is “heating up” and the level of the guests grows. So it was Martin Berasategui (12 Michelin stars precede him) the one who supervised this final cooking in which the pass to the grand final was at stake. He did it, as always, shouting “stick.”

Paz Vega Y Felix gomezDuelists of “MasterChef Celebrity 3” and “MasterChef Celebrity 4” went one step further and worked side by side with the three applicants.

In that final test the black aprons (Nicolas Coronado, Flo, The Alcorcón Earthquake Y Josie) had a great challenge. They had to cook with ingredients from a mysterious box that hid products as exotic as crocodile sirloin, edamame O lotus root, in addition to using different techniques and tools such as spherification, low temperature, the torch or tweezers. “The test is complex, to think a lot,” he valued Pepe Rodriguez.

The exotic ingredients of the final test
The exotic ingredients of the final test – RTVE

Flo opted for a risotto that already during cooking deserved the praise (“total garrote”) of Berasategui. It was not pretty, but it was very tasty. “Make it a little cuter, because it’s hotter!” Samantha asked him. The best dish of the final test was chosen. He dedicated it to his father, who taught him “temperance”, a virtue that he has added to his dishes. He clarified that his father is alive.

Josie He opted for crocodile sirloin with edamame and lotus flower tears. They were complicated flavors to combine, according to the chefs. And the result was “impressive” for Berasategui. “It is impossible to do better,” added the Basque. The stylist dedicated it, name included, to Pitita Ridruejo: «Crocodile Pitita» was called. With her he shared the credit: «Pitita has enlightened me». It was the second best of the final challenge. I don’t know how it got here. It has been climbing a very steep staircase ”, he valued, excited, after his classification for the last step of the program.

The “sea crocodile” of Nicolas Coronado it was a dish “with many flaws”, according to Pepe Rodriguez, and “with many defects and few virtues,” he judged Jordi Cruz. It saved him that there was a worse one.

By last, The Alcorcón Earthquake made basically a bad hodgepodge between galley (a crustacean) and snake. «It is nonsense. You can not eat, “he lamented Rodriguez. “This is a disaster,” he added. Cruz. It was she who stayed at the gates of the final. He took it well: “I have no idea about cooking. I don’t even know how I got here. It was his parting phrase.

The five finalists
The five finalists – RTVE

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