The essential kitchen gadgets to prepare healthy dishes

Every day that passes we are becoming more aware of the Such a direct impact that the food we eat has on our health. The main thing is to prioritize those foods that do not come packaged such as fruits and vegetables. But also, it is very important to be able to read the labels of packaged products and to distinguish which ingredients are beneficial and which are not for our body.

It is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle in which we enjoy cooking and eating our own recipes. Today there are countless blogs and Instagram accounts that greatly facilitate this task, offering recipes and tips for free. In addition, different gadgets kitchen that also help you achieve this goal of healthy life style. We have made a selection with our favorite products:

Lekué steam case

The Lékué brand has managed to revolutionize the way we cook, offering us innovative kitchen utensils that achieve excellent results. One of them is this silicone steamer case, made with 100% high quality platinum silicone free of plastics. It offers you the possibility of cooking countless foods from vegetables, fish, meat, side dishes and many more in a clean, healthy and fat-free way.

You just have to put the food on the tray inside the case, add oil, spices or any sauce that you like and put it in the microwave for the corresponding time. The food they cook in their own juice uniformly, an aspect that adds great juiciness to the final result. There are two sizes available to choose from, one of 600 ml for cooking servings for 1 or 2 people and the larger one of 1000 ml for servings of 3 or 4 people.

Oil free fryer

The use of this small appliance has spread in recent years, it is the perfect alternative to typical oil fryers. Its greatest benefit is that uses hot air to cook food, so they are not soaked in oil and their calories are greatly reduced. It has a power of 900w so the result is perfect, making the food tasty and crunchy.

Its use is extremely simple, you just have to put the food in the removable basket, put a teaspoon of oil (optional) and control the time and temperature. In just a few minutes you can have delicious, totally healthy “chips”. His compact and elegant design fits into any corner of the kitchen.

Vegetable spiralizer

Sometimes eating vegetables seems monotonous and we always cook them in the same way: as a side dish on the grill or in the oven or boiled. However, with this vegetable spiralizer the possibilities of cooking vegetables multiply infinite. It includes 4 types of blades to cut fruits and vegetables in different ways: bows, noodles, pieces and accordion.

The operation is very simple, you just have to put the food centered in the right place and turn the crank, the result will be stored in the transparent container. The blades have very sharp blades so they are perfect for cut zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, apples etc. In this way you can prepare a delicious pasta dish but substituting the spaghetti for vegetables.

Oil Sprayer Spray

It is clear that extra virgin olive oil is one of the best foods our land offers us, often referred to as liquid gold. While it is true that its benefits are infinite for our health, we should not abuse it excessively since it is still a fat.

The spray oil sprayer is perfect for controlling the amount of oil we use when cooking or dressing salads. Thanks to him it’s a lot easier to distribute the oil through the plate evenly without accumulating everything in the same area, which is what usually happens.


If you are as much a fan of popcorn as we are and you cannot give up on a Sunday movie and popcorn this gadget cannot be missing in your kitchen. No more going down to the Chinese for bags of last minute microwave popcorn. With this popcorn holder you can make this delicious snack whenever you want. You will only have to buy a bag of corn in the supermarket, much cheaper than the bags prepared for microwave, and put them in the container.

The way to cook them is through hot air injection so they do not need to add oil or butter, which makes the result much healthier.

Ice cream molds

Now that the good weather is beginning, we all want a cool ice cream. However, most of those sold in ice cream parlors and supermarkets are loaded with sugar. With these ice cream molds you can now make your own fruit ice cream without the need to add a drop of sugar. You can make them only with flavored popsicle-type fruits or more creamy by adding yogurt or milk to the mixture.

As an icing on the cake, you can make them a chocolate coating by melting a few ounces of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, 85% for example, and mixing it with a teaspoon of coconut oil. If you add pieces of almonds or hazelnuts to this mixture, you will have a Authentic, totally healthy almond Magnum.


If you already want to become an expert in healthy cooking, you can even make your own bread at home. More and more bakeries are offering loaves of bread made with whole wheat flour and healthy ingredients, but this makes the product quite expensive. We bring you the solution with this Cecotec brand bakery that offers you 19 programs so you can cook breads, cakes, doughs …

It comes accompanied by a recipe book to help you in your first preparations and has a very intuitive LCD screen and specific accessories: hook, water meter and spoon to facilitate the task.

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