The European Parliament asks Iglesias and Marlaska for explanations about the abuse of minors under guardianship in the Balearic Islands



The scandal of the abuse of minors protected by the Administration in the Balearic Islands is increasing. The European Parliament has asked for explanations to the second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, and the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to respond to the scandal of the cases of abuse of minors under guardianship in the Balearic Islands that has splattered the tripartite government of the socialist Francina Armengol and its partners of United We Can and the nationalists of Més.

Brussels has addressed both ministers of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to inform them that has admitted for processing this matter and also requires detailed explanations on the measures and solutions adopted by their ministries to protect minors and settle cases.

Two letters from Brussels

Through two letters to which ABC has had access, the Petitions Committee, led by the popular Dolors Montserrat, has reported the opening an investigation following the complaint of a citizen of Ibiza.

The petition was presented by José Luis Sánchez Saliquet, a Balearic businessman and Vox candidate for the Senate, who denounced that “The inaction and silence of the Balearic government is unsustainable” in the case of 16 minors under the care of the Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials (IMAS) victims of sexual abuse.

Sánchez Saliquet assured that Two attempts to establish commissions of inquiry have been blocked about this case both in the Balearic Parliament and in the Congress of Deputies and that “nothing is known” about the criminal procedure initiated for these events.

The complainant criticized that the parties that make up the Balearic government – PSOE, Podemos and Més per Mallorca – set up a commission of experts whose final report did not make references to the abuse of the 16 minors.

The executive of Armengol refused to create an independent commission preventing with their vote the launch of an investigation commission in the Balearic Parliament, at the request of Citizens and Vox. As an alternative, a political commission was set up to cool down the investigation and “evaluate political decisions in relation to the detection and intervention in cases of sexual exploitation of minors” under the supervision of IMAS.

In the first meeting at the end of January, the president of this political commission, Jaume Tortella, assured that the different political groups were able to ask one of the technicians who appeared and verified that “the problem has nothing to do with political decisions , but is outside the institution. According to Tortella, “the commission is going at a good pace and, in it, the problem, the operation of the IMAS is being analyzed and how to act is being put on the table.”

The spokesman for the socialist group, Andreu Alcover, accused the opposition of continuing with “this media circus whose only objective is to get a political profit from an issue that is very sensitive”, and asked them to stop the controversy and controversy and start ” to work for minors by joining the commission.

According to Citizens, at least 16 minors under the care of the public administration have been subjected to sexual abuseTherefore, the obligation of politicians and the Parliament was to investigate and analyze what has happened so that it does not happen again.

The letter from the European Parliament comes a month after this body was waiting to receive more information from the Spanish authorities. The president of the commission, Dolors Montserrat, chose to keep the petition open and, following the recommendations of the parliamentary coordinator for the rights of the child, ask the Spanish and Balearic authorities «what measures and solutions have been takenor to give peace of mind and the guarantee that these minors are protected ».

Brussels has also asked the Civil Liberties commission to review the matter and require the European Commission to share information on the follow-up it is doing to the transposition in Spain of the most recent directive to combat abuse and sexual exploitation of minors.

The representative of the European Commission, Antonio Labrador, stressed that there is already a directive to fight sexual abuse and exploitation It includes provisions against the prostitution of children and requires Member States to take measures to prevent such situations.

The PSOE is justified in Europe

Brussels has open a infringement procedure against Spain and 22 other European countries for not having correctly incorporated this directive into its national legislation and it is “evaluating” the responses that the Spanish Government has sent it regarding this delay.

In the debate between the MEPs, the representative of the PSOE, Alicia Homs, stressed that this scandal “has been debated at length in Mallorca” and criticized that the damage suffered by the victims is “double”, due to the abuses and the public exposure of their cases “When it has been chosen to mediate them to obtain political gain.”

Homs stressed that “it has been pursued to discredit the protective institutions” and referred to the petitioner being an electoral candidate for Vox and that he had linked pedophilia with homosexuality.

Before this comment, Montserrat caught his attention and pointed out that nor it can be allowed to “evaluate who is or who ceases to be the petitioner”.

For her part, Idoia Villanueva (Podemos) stressed that the proceedings opened to investigate the possible existence of a prostitution network have been archived when it was determined that they were only individual cases, although she acknowledged that the case “evidences the abandonment of the institutions” .

From the PP, Rosa Estarás rejected that the Balearic opposition parties made “scaremongering” for “having a leading role” by calling attention to this situation and pointed out that the alarm has been raised «The media that have seen it and put their hands to their heads».

“It is necessary for this request to come here because someone from the IMAS has not done what they had to do,” said Estarás, who criticized that “it is not an isolated case” and that many times it has been the parents of the minors, who do not have custody , those who have detected the abuses and have reported them.

Jordi Cañas (Citizens) also agreed that “this issue can and should be debated” in the European Parliament, “Especially when investigation commissions have been requested and denied” by “political formations that are giving cards of rights and freedoms and that have refused to debate.”

Jorge Buxadé (Vox), for his part, accused the socialist deputy of wanting to “kill the messenger because he comes with bad news” and called the committee of experts that has investigated the case of “A brass band to say that they (the Balearic Government) have complied with the norm”.

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