The European Parliament demands to recognize the rights of same-sex couples throughout the EU

The PP abstains and Vox votes against


The plenary session of the European Parliament has demanded this Tuesday that all European Union countries recognize same-sex unions formalized in other member states to ensure the rights of the LGTBI community and their families, including freedom of movement and reunification. family.

In a resolution adopted by 387 votes in favor, 161 against and 123 abstentions, MEPs warn of “setbacks” in the protection of the rights achieved by LGTBIQ people in recent years and denounce “the hostile rhetoric of elected politicians and the waves of homophobic and transphobic violence. “

The MEPs of the Popular Party have abstained and those of Vox have voted against, while the rest of the Spanish parties with representation in the European Parliament have voted in favor of the resolution that demands greater protection of LGTBIQ rights.

The resolution affects the need for marriages or civil unions formalized in a member state to be recognized in the other countries of the bloc to guarantee that spouses receive the same treatment as heterosexual couples.

In this sense, MEPs recall that the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in 2018 that the word “spouse” as it appears in the free movement directive is also applicable to homosexual couples and they demand measures against Romania for not complying this sentence.

Furthermore, they urge all Member States to legally recognize the adults mentioned in a birth certificate issued in another Member State as the child’s legal parents, regardless of their legal sex or marital status, in order to avoid making children stateless when moving to another country of the Union.

The LGTBI collective denounces that ‘rainbow’ families are often discriminated against when they travel within the European Union, either for tourism or for transfer of residence, because they find that the rights recognized by the Member State where they legalized their union are later ignored in other EU countries with less protection of the group.

The text adopted by the European Parliament, in fact, especially points out the concern of MEPs about the situation in countries such as Poland or Hungary, which the European Commission has already filed, for example, for designating “free zones” for LGTBIQ people or for legislating to prevent minors from receiving information about the group.

MEPs urge Brussels to keep up the pressure and use all the instruments at its disposal against Hungary and Poland, not only through infringement files but also with provisional measures or the blocking of funds.

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