The European Union will give a billion dollars to Afghanistan to avoid the humanitarian catastrophe

Correspondent in Rome



«The president of the European Commission announced the allocation of 1 billion dollars for Afghanistan. It was one of several commitments to fund the humanitarian response. The United States has provided additional funding of $ 300 million. This was the most relevant news produced by the virtual summit with telematic presence of the leaders of the extraordinary G-20 dedicated to the emergency in Afghanistan, as announced Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, current president of the G-20, at a press conference held in Rome.

Draghi stressed that in the international community “there is awareness that the humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan is very serious. So much so that during the summit there was talk of a humanitarian catastrophe and with the approach of winter it is perceived how the situation is precipitating». The G-20 summit agreed to maintain a unified position, giving a mandate to the United Nations to coordinate the humanitarian response. There was also consensus on the “need to ensure that the rights of women are respected in Afghanistan so that there is no setback of twenty years.” The request to the Government of Kabul, so that it can be assisted in the humanitarian emergency, has been to allow “the freedom of movement“With the possibility that the United Nations and neighboring countries can enter and leave Afghanistan.”

The former president of the European Central Bank considered essential to avoid the economic collapse of Afghanistan: “We must intervene to save what little is left of the banking system because it becomes impossible even to send aid without the banking system,” said Draghi.

The Italian prime minister explained that to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan “it will be necessary to maintain contacts with the Taliban, but this does not mean their recognition.” Draghi recalled that when they took power in August the Taliban spoke of making an inclusive government, but the reality has been very different. “You have to bear in mind that they should be judged for what they have done, not for what they said,” stressed Mario Draghi.

It should be noted that they have not participated in this extraordinary G-20 summit organized by Italy neither the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, nor the president of China Xi Jinping, although their respective heads of diplomacy have intervened. The absences at the highest level of Moscow and Beijing reflect the geopolitical frictions between both capitals, on the one hand, and with the United States, on the other hand, a country that has been accused of hasty departure from Afghanistan.

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