The Fecicam will flood Ciudad Real with screenings, concerts and masterclass from September 21 to 25

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The Emerging Spanish Film Festival (Fecicam) celebrates its twelfth edition from September 21 to 25 in Ciudad Real with a program of activities that include masterclasses, presentations, screenings and concerts.

This was presented this Tuesday at a press conference by the Festival directors, Marina González and Alvar Vielsa, accompanied by the mayor Eva María Masías; the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of the Castilla La Mancha Community Board, Ana Vanesa Muñoz; the vice president of the Area of ​​Culture, Democratic Memory, Youth and Sports of the Diputación de Ciudad Real, David Triguero; and the Councilor for Education and Culture, Ignacio Sánchez.

The official program will start with an opening ceremony that includes the screening in the Gran Casino of the seven films that are competing in the categories of ‘Emergent Short Film’ and ‘Short Film’ of the Castilla-La Mancha section, as well as an open-air concert by the malagueños ‘Fauces’.

Access to the screenings will cost 3 euros and free admission for the students of the Ciudad Real Film and Audiovisual School (#EMCACR) and users of the UCLM Cultural Passport. Tickets can be purchased both at the Gran Casino, prior to the screenings, and on the festival’s official website

The rest of the activities will be free with limited capacity and all of them will be carried out under health measures in the face of the health alarm caused by COVID-19.

On Tuesday, the inauguration

On Tuesday, September 21, at 7:30 p.m., the official opening will take place at the Gran Casino, with screenings of the categories’ Emerging Short Film ‘and’ Short Film ‘of the Castilla-La Mancha section, which include the premieres of’ Don Lope or the resurrection of the flesh ‘, by Paco Carrión (Ciudad Real) and’ Esmeralda ‘, by Alejandro Suárez (Guadalajara).

Thus, on Tuesday the screenings will continue with ‘Azul la mancha’, by Víctor Salmerón and Ana de la Fuente (Ciudad Real); ‘Onus’, by David Córdoba (Ciudad Real); ‘Nacer’, by Roberto Valle (Toledo); ‘Salvo el crepúsculo’, by Mario Hernández (Albacete) and ‘Survivers’, by Carlos Gómez-Trigo (Guadalajara). At 10 pm there will be a concert by the Malaga pop group ‘Fauces’ in the Prado Gardens.

On Wednesday, September 22, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the Interpretation Masterclass ‘La Mirada Cómplice’ will take place. The actor before the Chamber ‘by the renowned actor, director and teacher from Ciudad Real Pedro Mari Sánchez. Registrations can be made on the official website

Later, at 8.15 pm, the works of the category ‘Emerging National’ and ‘Film Schools’ ‘The girls are allright’, by Gwai Lou; ‘Ospel’, by Xanti Rodríguez; ‘Vuela’, by Carlos Gómez-Mira Sagrado; ‘What is silent about my blood’, by Clara Ràfols; ‘Club Silencio’, by Irene Albanell; ‘Carmela’, by Fabiola Villanueva Bernal and Alfonso Villanueva García and ‘Oddity’, by Germán Chazarra and Anna Juesas.

Later there will be a ‘Food Tour’ at 9:00 p.m., which includes a visit with a tasting and a movie pin to two establishments on the X Route of the Pincho and Cinema Glasses. At a cost of 4 euros, registrations can be made at

Children’s section

On Thursday, September 23, the Gran Casino will host at 7:30 p.m. the screening of the children’s section ‘Babycam’, with the premiere works ‘¿Héroes?’, By Daniel Rincón (Ciudad Real); ‘La Ruta’, by David Segura, Daniel Rincón, Roberto Anselmo and Violeta Gratacós (Ciudad Real); ‘Partitura notes’, by Roberto Anselmo (Ciudad Real) and ‘Oriol’s secret’, by Ismael and Yeray Sánchez Navarro (Ciudad Real).

At 8:00 p.m. there will be a screening and premiere of new chapters of the series’ ‘Chicos’, with a round table with Marta Vazgo and Patricia Fuertes and at 9:00 p.m. the finalist works’ Series Pilot’ ‘Amnesia 3.0’, by Irene will be screened Pin, ‘Xan’, by Lucía Estévez, ‘B-siders’, by Adrián Sánchez de la Sierra and ‘Casa de Ma’, by Andrea Meneses.

The day will end with a ‘Cocktail Tour’ at 11:00 pm, with a visit and tasting of cocktails from two establishments on the X Route of the Pincho and Cinema Glasses. At a cost of 4 euros, registrations can be made at

On Friday the official presentation of the ‘Ciudad Real Film Office’ will be held at the Gran Casino “which opens its doors rediscovering municipal spaces as fantastic recording sets and inviting professionals and companies from the sector to be part of the catalog”. In addition, there will be an informative talk with those responsible, Victoria Víctor and Marina González.

Subsequently, the finalist works in the category ‘Documentary Castilla-La Mancha’ and the section ‘Emerging International’ will be screened. These will be ‘Embracing the stars’, by Christopher Sánchez and Mario Cervantes (Ciudad Real), ‘With our over 50s’, by Javier López Velasco (Ciudad Real), ‘3 Murs et un toit’, by Mathilde Dugardin, Orane Laffra, Hugo de Magalhaes and Wassim El Hammami (France), ‘Migrations’, by Jerome Peters (Belgium), ‘Mirage’, by Sil van der Woerd (Netherlands) and ‘The woman under the tree’, by Karishma Kohli ( USA).

On Saturday 25, in the Zahora Magestic hall, the festival will end with the Awards Ceremony at 1.30 pm, after which a closing cocktail will be enjoyed at 2.30 pm.

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