The field hospitals of the Generalitat Valenciana have not accommodated patients after spending 16 million




The three field hospitals commissioned last March by the Generalitat Valenciana to strengthen the health system in the face of the pandemic of coronavirus they have finally cost about sixteen million, double what was expected, they have not housed patients to date and are currently used as a waiting room for triage of patients, as accommodation for immigrants without documentation who must pass quarantine or to carry out PCR tests.

While the media focus and the political debate focus on the inauguration of the hospital Isabel Zendal in the Community of Madrid, the star project of the Government chaired by the socialist Ximo Puig is facing litigation with the winning company, Ingeniería Desarrollos de Alta Tecnología (IDAT), which is owed some eight million euros. The Ministry of Health disagrees with the company regarding the cost of the equipment of medical and healthcare material and there is currently an open file that, in the event of not reaching an agreement, could end up in court.

Although the cost to the public coffers of the initial contracts amounted to about eight million euros, the modifications requested by the Generalitat have practically doubled the bill.

The field hospitals were “inaugurated” last April in the three provincial capitals of the Valencian Community and have not accommodated a single patient to date. Neither affected by the coronavirus or any other pathology. The Generalitat defends that it has not been necessary and maintains that the facilities built together with the reference hospitals in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón have rooms. At that point some of the discrepancies with the winning company are centered, which enabled stays for four patients when Health considers that they should house a maximum of two.

The field hospitals of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón to which the Generalitat has allocated more than 15.5 million euros do not have ICU beds, although official sources explain that the rooms are prepared for the installation of respirators.

Image taken next to a hospital in Valencia
Image taken next to a hospital in Valencia – ROBER SOLSONA

In any case, in the nine months that the field hospitals have been open they have not received patient admissions. In the case of Castellón, the facilities have been used to carry out coronavirus seroprevalence studies (which in other locations are performed in conventional health centers) and as a “waiting room for triage of patients.” The Generalitat plans to transfer the emergency rooms of the Castellón General Hospital to the field hospital in a few weeks on a provisional basis while the planned works are carried out in said enclosure.

The field hospital of the Generalitat de Alicante It has been used to shelter irregular immigrants who have arrived on the shores of the province by boat and, although they test negative for the coronavirus, they must remain in quarantine for having maintained contact with other infected people.

Meanwhile, the field hospital of Valencia, inaugurated last April by the Regional Ministry of Health and Justice, Ana Barceló and Gabriela Bravo, respectively, is used for PCR testing. In recent weeks, the evening opening has been enabled to test specifically for staff and students of schools where coronavirus outbreaks have been detected.

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