The fire that originated in Navarra has reached France and has already burned 1,600 hectares



The fire declared on Saturday morning in the Bera area would have already burned, according to approximate calculations, an area of ​​about 1,600 hectares.

The fire stays active and at the moment the situation in the border between Navarra and Guipúzcoa in the municipality of Lesaka, a very difficult access place that cannot be accessed by vehicles, which is where the work of the firefighters of both territories is concentrated.

Given the possibility that the force of the wind, which continues to blow with intensity, may diminish somewhat, the Ministry for Ecological Transition has been requested to shipment of air means to which the helicopters of the Government of Navarra would be added in the event that the risk conditions that prevented their intervention yesterday were not met. On the other hand, the members of the Military Emergency Unit have controlled the front of the Baztan area.

Firefighters from the Oronoz, Cordovilla, Tafalla and Burguete parks work in the extinguishing work, with reinforcements from almost all the other parks, as well as volunteer firefighters from Bera, Lesaka and Goizueta and off-duty professional firefighters who have come in support of his companions. Also participating are personnel from the Forest Guard, volunteers from the Red Cross and agents of the Provincial Police and Civil Guard.

No injuries or rescues

This Sunday the Emergency Advisory Committee to assess the situation and evolution of the fire. The president of Navarra, María Chivite, and the vice president and counselor for the Presidency, Equality, Public Function and the Interior, Javier Remírez, participated electronically in the meeting held early in the afternoon on Saturday. Chivite conveyed its gratitude and support to the members of the organization that participates in the extinction work and insisted that the priority must be to ensure the integrity of the people, while offering all the means of the Government of Navarra that may be required to stop the emergency.

Previously, in view of the impossibility of fighting in fire with the means of the Foral Community and given that there was a potential risk for the population, the Government of Navarra had activated the Level 2 of the Forest Fire Risk Emergency Plan and requested the intervention of the UME. In a preventive manner, Ibardin sales were evacuated as well as some farmhouses and huts scattered in the area affected by the flames. There have been no injuries and no one has had to request to be rescued for being at risk from fire.

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