The fire that originated in Navarra that burned 400 hectares in Guipúzcoa is already out



The fire that throughout the weekend has affected the municipality of Irún and that has calcined around 400 hectares in Gipúzcoa, it’s already off. It is the most serious fire registered in the last decade, as reported by the Provincial Council of Gipúzcoa.

The sources of the fire have been located in the surroundings of Endarlatsa. On Saturday they advanced northward along the left bank of the Bidasoa river, and on Sunday northwesterly, towards Erlaitz and Pagogaña, and in lands east of Peñas de Aia.

As planned, the weather change and the arrival of the rain during the afternoon-night yesterday were essential to control and end the fire, which was considered extinct around midnight. After the firefighters and forest rangers withdrew, a checkpoint was kept guarding the area, which was also withdrawn shortly thereafter.

The fire broke out last Saturday in the town of Bera, in Navarra. Pushed by the strong south wind present throughout the weekend, the fire passed to the lands of Guipúzcoa and Lapurdi during the afternoon.

In the case of the historical territory, and according to a first provisional balance, about 400 hectares have been burned between Saturday and Sunday. It is the most serious fire in the last decade.

The general deputy of Gipúzcoa, Markel Olano, and the regional deputy for Governance, Eider Mendoza, traveled at different times of the weekend to the mobile command post installed in the Zaisu industrial park in Irún, from where the tasks against the fire. The post was disassembled yesterday afternoon.

As explained by the regional institution, the fire caused difficult moments, especially during the day on Saturday, “but, fortunately,” did not cause personal injury or affect any home or edge.

For her part, the regional deputy for Governance, Eider Mendoza, admitted on Monday that the fire in statements made to radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, indicated that she had no information on whether the fire had been caused, although it “seems”, but has stressed that it must be the Government of Navarra that determines it because the fire started in the Autonomous Community.

«We have been all weekend coordinating the work in the area, to try extinguish the fire and so that it would not. This investigation has to be carried out by the Government of Nafarroa, since that is where it started and the technical direction has also been there. We have worked hard to extinguish the fire and the investigation corresponds to them, “he added, to specify, that they will collaborate as much as possible.

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