The Fontcalent Prison Psychiatric Hospital runs out of psychiatrists




A psychiatric without psychiatrists. It is the paradoxical situation that occurs in the penitentiary center for this type of inmates of Fontcalent, in Alicante, where two of the doctors in this specialty are low and another has retired, without any incorporation.

This has been alerted to Efe by the Association of Penitentiary Workers Your abandonment can kill me (TAMPM) and has been confirmed by the general secretary of Penitentiary Institutions.

In the opinion of this organization, “the absence of these professionals in Fontcalent violates the rights of people deprived of liberty” because it makes it impossible “for them to receive adequate psychiatric assistance.”

Sources of the association have ensured that this panorama of «medical lack of control” May cause “situations from violence»That threaten« against the security of the center, the workers and the inmates ».

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The same sources have added that the lack of specialists could also «prolong unnecessarily »the stay of the arrested “In the absence of a follow-up of his psychiatric evolution that would advise outpatient measures in case of improvement”.

From TAMPM they have pointed out that the absence of psychiatrists in prisons responds “to the non-attractiveness of working in prisons for these professionals”, because of the “low salary»That they receive« in comparison with public and private Health ».

The association has also considered other factors, such as “the non-replacement of places after the retirements of aging workforces and the terrible Labor conditions»That are offered to them.

For their part, Penitentiary Institutions have acknowledged the loss of the three psychiatric professionals from Fontcalent, although they have assured that this absence “does not mean that patients are neglected.”

They have continued that they are trying to make up for the casualties “with an agreement with the Hospital from Alicante“, Whereby” one day a week, a psychiatrist will go to the penitentiary center “to attend to the inmates,” until the casualties are incorporated. “

Health sources have confirmed to Efe that this request from the penitentiary has been responded to.

The sources consulted have also admitted that prisons in general, not only the two specialized in inmates with psychiatric problems, Fontcalent in Alicante and Seville, have a problem when it comes to covering the health posts they offer.

However, they have asserted that in the Sevillian center “the four psychiatrists assigned to them are active.”

“As soon as candidates are presented”, the sources of Penitentiary Institutions have stated, “they understand that other offers” of public employment are more attractive.

“It is trying to enforce law 16/2003 by which the autonomous communities must take charge of prison health,” they have continued, but they hardly find an echo in the autonomous administrations, which have not transferred this competence.

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