The Freddie Mercury looks that made history

“Excess is part of my nature. Boredom is a disease. I really need danger and excitement and I am never afraid to take a risk ”. With these words as a motto Freddie Mercury He defined not only his lifestyle, but a philosophy that he established in each and every one of the areas in which he left his mark. Today the Zanzibarí would have turned 75Yes, although the idea of ​​reaching the third age had never gone with him. “I have no aspiration to live to be 70. I don’t want to sound morbid. I’ve lived a full life and if I die tomorrow, I don’t give a damn. I have done everything that I have really wanted ”.

Freeddie Mercury and Elton John in 1980
Freeddie Mercury and Elton John in 1980 – © Gtres

His influence on the world of music was such that managed to change the rock genre and give it a more dramatic, authentic point, not only with an epic staging, but also thanks to its clothing, where each piece was meticulously studied to configure those looks that, under an image of spontaneity, housed hours and hours of work and planning.

its dress It can be described in many ways: genuine, unmistakable, unrepeatable. And it is that he was one of the first artists to break with the gender rules with his looks, where even the most unlikely had a place, styles that transcended reality and that he no longer only wore in his video clips or tours. The lead singer of Queen has been a influence for the fashion world much older than it seems. Firms such as Versace, Balmain or Moschino are just some of those that have taken touches of his dressing room in most of his collections, while other of the ‘more formal’ trends that he used to bet on could be extrapolated to today.

Together with Montserrat Caballé in 1986
Together with Montserrat Caballé in 1986 – © Gtres

Because there looks we will never forget: from cape, crown and scepter on the ‘Magical Tour’ with the song ‘God Save the Queen’, the kimono oriental from one of his concerts in ’77, to his yellow jackets (I had dozens) or the monkeys that fit every inch of your body and were made of all kinds of materials such as sequins or lurex.

Everything was worth when going on stage, and if it was some kind of an experiment, all the better. Mary Austin, His eternal and impossible love was partly the creator of these styles and contributed to the change from the shy young man from a traditional family to the superstar.

One of his unforgettable outfits, during his 'Magical Tour' tour
One of his unforgettable outfits, during his ‘Magical Tour’ tour – © Youtube

Reviewing his style there certain trends that the artist made his own and that remain fully topical, it could even be said that he himself has contributed to its current conception and popularity. Some of the most striking are the tight jeans with basic t-shirts tucked inside, a trend that is still fully in force. And speaking of T-shirts, the ones that had a central stamping (either cartoons or illustrations) were among his favorites and today they are still very recurrent. Regarding the jackets with shoulder padsIt should be noted that in recent years they have been accentuated in men’s fashion, just like the ankle boots that he wore so much.

Freddie has been and will always be an icon
Freddie has been and will always be an icon – © Youtube

As far as the territory of beauty is concerned, we are left with its mustache and painted nails and that more and more men are wearing today. But if something made him defend each of the clothes he wore like nobody else, it was his overwhelming personality (which was actually nothing more than a shield, as explained by those close to him). Happy birthday, Freddie.

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