The French Government presents its bill against secessionism, hydra and Islamist gangrene

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“The enemy of the Republic is a political ideology called radical Islamism,” he declared. Jean Castex, Prime Minister / Head of Government of Emmanuel Macron, to present, this Wednesday, the bill conceived to reinforce and strengthen the state against any attempt at “secessionism”, cultural or religious, Islamist, in particular.

Castex will present the bill in the council of ministers and before the opinion, culminating ten months of reflection, this Wednesday, before being transmitted to the National Assembly (AN), which may clarify it before its approval during the first months of 2021.

National threat

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of this year, Emmanuel Macron began to denounce national threats of cultural and religious secessionism. Without directly naming, the Islamist gangrene / hydra.

Gérarld Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, began to draft the first sketches of the project, last summer. The jihadist attacks of September and last October gave its final bloody and tragic impulse to the bill.

Between 58% and 88% of the French they say “worried” or “very worried” about the growing rise of Islam. Between 5 and 6 million French people are denominationally Muslim. A growing number of young Muslims consider Islamic religious precepts to be “superior” to the laws of the State, the Republic.

To that emergency of a “secessionist Islam” (between the “peaceful rupture” and the “criminal, jihadist violence”) responds to the bill to reinforce and strengthen the Republic, the State.

Against the spread of hate

The bill has about fifty articles, divided into five main chapters: “Clarifying the exercise of Muslim worship.” “Prohibition of home instruction.” “End forced marriages and virginity certificates.” “Fight Hate Online”. “Protect teachers, doctors, representatives of authority.”

First of all, a capital principle: «Clarify» behavior, financing and management of mosques and places of worship. By imposing more “coercive” accounting and administrative rules, accompanied by tougher police measures against imams suspected of radicalization.

Next, fight a growing “plague”: Many Muslim parents try prevent your children from going to public schoolby offering them a “home schooling.” Compulsory school will be imposed between the ages of 3 and 16. And families who claim to offer “private education” (Muslim) will be punished relatively severely.

In the ultra sensitive area of ​​social life, the bill will prohibit and severely punish forced marriages and virginity certificates. Strict norms of respect for the feminine condition will be imposed, trying to free women from the paternal / masculine yoke.

Important chapter: the fight against the spread of hate online, via Internet. New crimes will be established to prosecute and punish those who use social networks to spread hate messages and / or sensitive information about people whom they wish to “attack” or report.

Protection of teachers, doctors and representatives of the authority, to persecute and punish those who threaten, on a daily basis, the professionals of teaching or hospital services, victims, frequently, of Muslim families who claim impose your religious criteria at school or hospitals. A particular attention will have the protection of policemen and gendarmes.

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