the Galician Council of Medical Associations highlights the safety of vaccines in the face of “erratic” political decisions




The Galician Council of Medical Schools has publicly positioned itself this Monday in favor of vaccination, claiming its total safety and efficiency “in all age groups and population groups summoned to be vaccinated.” The Council advocates for dispelling the “confusion and doubts in the public”, caused by “the erratic decisions -based on a misunderstanding, the principle of prudence- of European, state and regional officials.”

In this way, the Consello de Colexios Médicos affirms that the three vaccines approved by the EMA far exceed the risk / benefit balance and that the danger is not in the adverse effects, but “precisely the opposite, in the slowdown of the campaign vaccination ». The statement assures that “for the experience in countries that are well advanced in the process and due to the decrease in serious illness in the homes for the elderly in our environment, vaccination is saving lives and avoiding sequelae ».

Thus, they position themselves in the specific case of the AstraZeneca vaccine, claiming that “there is no reason to restrict its use in any population group, nor to not administer the second dose to those who have already received the first.”

As for the side effects, Isidro J. Lago, President of the Galician Council of Medical Colexes, assures that “the three vaccines have them and those that are approved in the future will also have them”, because they are “inherent to the use of any drug”, but that “they are very rare and do not justify neither the alarm generated nor the decisions that have been made in recent weeks.

The statement calls on the health authorities to avoid “ceremonies of confusion” to get out as soon as possible from this health crisis, not only in Galicia, Spain or Europe, but also “in poor countries, where surely this controversy is nothing short of ridiculous.”

The Medical Association also took the opportunity to deny a series of hoaxes. In this way, they made it clear that the use of aspirin or other antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs is not indicated “as prevention of anything” in the context of vaccination. Y neither is the preventive Paracetamol, it is enough to take it if fever or pain appear, which does not always happen.

Finally, the Council considers that the relaxation of the restrictions, although it is logical, should not happen by allowing the meeting of non-cohabitants in the homes. “We know that precisely this has been and is the greatest source of contagion,” instead advocating the promotion of outdoor activities, including those related to hospitality. From the Colexio de Médicos they are clear that «pandemic remains for some time»And that for this reason, the Alarm Status« should be extended or replaced by another equivalent option »so as not to spoil” so much work well done with last minute errors “.

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