The Generalitat approves the restrictions due to the coronavirus for the holidays


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10:15Christmas measures in Valencia: the Generalitat approves this Saturday the restrictions for the holidays
The Generalitat Valenciana will officially decide this Saturday the new restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus that, as ABC has been reporting, they will tighten the measures for Christmas agreed upon in the Interterritorial Health Council in aspects such as perimeter confinement, curfew hours or social meetings. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

10:00Christmas measures in Valencia: map and list of the twenty municipalities with the most positive coronavirus
Forty percent of the towns with the most infections do not decrease this week the cases of Covid-19. [Mapa y listado en este enlace]

09:45Christmas measures in Valencia: nurses warn of a third wave of the coronavirus if restrictions are relaxed
Cecova warns that lower your guard on the limitations of the Covid-19 “It can saturate hospitals in January and February.” [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

09:30Christmas measures in Valencia: nightlife may offer hospitality service during the day
The sector will reopen its doors on December 9 after being closed for months due to coronavirus restrictions. [Más información en este enlace]

09:15Christmas measures in Valencia: neither New Year’s Eve Bell parties nor Three Kings Parade
The City Council works on a static parade because the Consell recommends not authorizing large events. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

09:00Christmas measures in Valencia: map and list by municipalities of the latest outbreaks of coronavirus
Most of the new shoots of Covid-19 They are produced in the province of Valencia and are of social origin. [Mapa y listado en este enlace]

08:45Christmas measures in Valencia: new deaths from coronavirus double in one day with 1,390 new positives
The number of hospitalized and admitted to the ICU fell slightly with 133 and 27 fewer in one week, respectively. [Lea aquí la información completa]

08:30Safadifarma will distribute a new rapid saliva test that detects Covid-19 antigen in less than fifteen minutes
The test guarantees more than 97% clinical sensitivity and its price does not reach five euros per unit. [Más información y fotos en este enlace]

08:15Christmas measures in Valencia: curfew hours, days of perimeter closure and limit for meetings
“The general rule remains in force and travel must be limited as much as possible.” The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, He warned this Thursday that the bulk of the restrictions due to the coronavirus will be maintained once the December bridge passes and until after the Christmas holidays. [Lea aquí la información completa]

08:00The incidence of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community exceeds the national average for the first time
The Valencian region leads the admissions in the ICU by Covid-19 in the last seven days and the positivity almost doubles that of the country as a whole. [Más información en este enlace]

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