the Generalitat communicates half of the new cases that last Monday




The Valencian Community has registered 291 new coronavirus infections this Monday, less than half of those that the Generalitat reported just a week ago, when 616 positives were detected. 55 outbreaks have also been detected throughout the three provinces, the same number as last Monday.

In addition, twenty people – three in nursing homes – have died from coronavirus since Saturday in the region, for which the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic already rises to 2,361. In the same time, 2,823 patients have been discharged, placing 13,681 active cases.

The care pressure increases after the weekend, with 1,346 patients admitted to Valencian hospitals, 287 of them in intensive care. There are 87 and five more, respectively, with respect to the data updated by the Ministry of Health on Saturday.

For their part, 89 nursing homes – twenty operated by the Generalitat – have some contagion, while 27 residents and 17 workers have tested positive in the last hours. Covid-19 cases have also been detected in 18 centers of functional diversity and five centers for minors.

26 municipalities concentrate the new outbreaks

Valencia, with 43 new outbreaks, is the province that accumulates the most outbreaks, followed by Alicante, with eleven, and the only one that has been reported in Castellón this Monday. The largest has been located in Elda, with ten affected, and is of educational origin. Those 55 new outbreaks are concentrated in 26 municipalities after the weekend, as 16 outbreaks have been detected in Valencia, five in Sagunt and four in Paterna and Puçol.

Specifically, in the capital there has been an outbreak of six cases related to the workplace, two more than five infections and social origin; four outbreaks of four positive and social origin, and the rest are outbreaks of three cases. Of the latter, there is one educational and three work, the rest are of social origin.

In Sagunt they have had five outbreaks, all of social origin: one of six cases, another of five, two of four and one of three. In neighboring Puçol, there are four other outbreaks and they are also all of social origin: one of seven cases, another of six, one of four and one of three.

In the Valencia metropolitan area there are also several cities with more than one outbreak. This is the case of Paterna, with four other sources of social origin (one of seven infections, another of six, another of four and one of three); Bétera, with two social outbreaks of six cases and Torrent, two outbreaks of five and four infections originating in the educational field.

Also in the outskirts of the capital there are outbreaks of five cases in Massamagrell, Mislata and Silla; four in Museros and three in Sedaví and Tavernes Blanques.

In the rest of the territory, only in Aielo de Malferit and Alicante there is more than one outbreak. Specifically, the municipality of Vall d’Albaida has a focus of five cases of work origin and another of four of social origin, while the Alicante capital has detected a focus of nine cases of work origin and one of five of social origin.

The rest of the outbreaks are distributed by: Aspe (four cases, social origin), Benejúzar (three, social), Carlet (four, social), Ibi (three, social), La Llosa de Ranes (five, social), Petrer ( eight, educational), EL Pinós (seven, educational), Rojales (three, social), Vinaròs (six, social), Xàbia (four, social) and Xàtiva (three, labor).

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