The Generalitat gives two contradictory messages about the de-escalation within a few hours of each other




Nth episode of institutional confusion among those responsible for the Generalitat with the management of Covid as the protagonist. Less than three days before the December bridge begins, which falls in the middle of the planned calendar of the de-escalation of the Government and that would allow municipal and regional displacements on the 8th despite being a holiday, this Tuesday the discrepancies among its leaders on whether to ease the restrictions on Monday, December 7, became apparent.

The doubts have been seen in just a few hours of difference and shortly after the incidence of the second wave of the pandemic registered this Tuesday a day of terrible results after weeks with a good evolution. Proof of this is that, for example, the speed of spread of the virus has grown, after almost a month, down by 6 hundredths to 0.84 and the risk of regrowth once again exceeds 200 points.

All this has led the Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó (JpC), to raise the alert cry and hint that Catalonia may not advance to phase 2 of the de-escalation, and therefore not allow municipal and regional movements in holidays, if the situation continues to deteriorate. Budó has assured that the latest figures have “Set the alarms” and the situation has been analyzed on Thursday, when it will be decided if the restrictions are relaxed. “If we continue this trend, we will go back to 0.9 and we will not be able to advance,” he declared.

Shortly after, however, the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés (ERC), has taken for granted that she foresees the improvement of the restrictions, as if she had not listened to her government partner or seen the bad data of the day. The head of Health has stated that the de-escalation plan will “As planned” and it has had an impact that today’s increase in indices fits within the activation of the measures implemented a few days ago, which included the reopening of restaurants and gyms.

Thus, Vergés has commented that the Government’s health experts already contemplate a slowdown in the improvement of cases due to the increase in social activity. In this sense, he has taken the opportunity to appeal to the prudence and compliance of the measures by the citizenship, especially during the days of plenary session.

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