The Generalitat Valenciana counterprograms the PP convention at the stroke of a press release




The Generalitat Valenciana has counterprogrammed the PP convention, in which the popular have exhibited their ability to call by filling the bullring of the capital of Turia, at the stroke of a press release.

The Government that presides Ximo Puig, which describes the PP convention as a “vanity fair”, has issued a statement this Sunday in which it reports that it has recovered a total of 7.24 million euros and is processing the recovery of another 4 million funds or elements assets that had been “unduly removed” from public coffers in corruption cases before 2015.

Specifically, the Asset Recovery Office has opened 40 files to promote administrative or judicial actions that allow the recovery of heritage since its launch in 2015, as reported by the Generalitat in a statement.

The general director of Relations with the Courts, Antonio Torres placeholder image, has valued the “important effort” that the Consell makes to “recover the maximum of resources that were withdrawn from the public treasury in matters such as the Cooperation case, the Emarsa case or the collection of payable rights of the urban actions of Terra Mítica” .

In this sense, Torres stressed that the Consell has worked “since the first day” for recovering public resources “stolen from Valencians in cases of corruption” and for allocating these funds “to what really needs to be used, which is to public services for citizens.”

Likewise, it has indicated that currently “there are still pending actions of economic relevance” for the recovery of another 4 million euros. Specifically, it referred to the existence of 13 properties, as well as two apartments in Miami that are in the auction process, belonging to those convicted in the Cooperation case.

Through legal representation, the Generalitat has ensured a “adequate defense of public interests” and he has appeared in matters of “social repercussion and economic significance, adequately documenting the damages caused to public coffers derived from unlawful actions, as well as claiming the collection of assets of the Generalitat that had not been demanded.”

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