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The Ministry of Health has warned that vaccinated people should also respect the
coronavirus restrictions
established in the Valencian Community and the protection measuresHow to wear a mask, maintain a safe distance and hand hygiene, as well as ventilate closed spaces.

The Valencian Community has administered more than 1.3 million doses of the vaccine against coronavirus. One in five Valencians over 18 years of age has received at least one dose and 335,281 have received the full regimen. Most of these doses have been administered to the elderly and the most exposed professional groups. However, even those who have received both doses, they still can’t lead a normal life.

«Today, receive the vaccine does not allow to relax security measures. What’s more, the norms established by the health authorities are the same at this time for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, “explained the doctor. Salvador Peiro, researcher in the area of ​​research in Health Services and Pharmacoepidemiology of Fisabio.

In this context, it has been pointed out that the clinical trials for the authorization of the different vaccines show that vaccination is effective in reducing the cases of coronavirus symptomatic in all age groups. Even when they are infected, the risk of developing
serious is much lower, “he added, while indicating that the reported cases of reinfection are anecdotal.

However, it has specified that “if vaccinated people relax the protection measures (mask, distance, hand hygiene and ventilation) when there are still people waiting to receive their first or second dose, transmission and severe cases of coronavirus could increase among the cohabitants, colleagues, friends and close contacts of the vaccinated people ».

In addition, he has pointed out that the
vaccination does not start to be effective until after two to three weeks
after having received the first dose and, in the regimens that require two, the optimal level of protection is not reached until two weeks after the second puncture. “Until then, and especially in the first two or three weeks after the first dose, people have not generated the antibodies that will protect them from the disease and they must be especially careful,” recalls the researcher.

In conclusion, maintain precautions against coronavirus, even after they have been vaccinated, it helps to avoid infections in people who have received both doses and, above all, it protects those who are waiting to be immunized from getting sick. Therefore, as the vaccination Of the entire population, the fewer people contract Covid-19, the less likely it is that the most vulnerable groups will come into contact with it, or at least with high viral loads.

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