The Generalitat Valenciana will supply the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine together with the flu vaccine




The Generalitat Valenciana is studying the possibility of being able to start administering the flu vaccine and the third booster dose against it. coronavirus next October 25, both campaigns that will go in parallel.

This was announced this Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Ana Barcelo, before the media during the visit he has made to the works of the new oncological building of the Castellón Provincial Hospital.

As explained by the Health Minister, at the moment the third booster dose against the Covid-19 It will be administered to people over 70 years of age, although it has indicated that the moment the Interterritorial Council determines that this age group must be opened, it will be applied “immediately” through the health centers, “which are the ones that have the records of the people to be vaccinated against influenza and those who are determined to be vaccinated with the third booster dose. “

At the moment, according to Barceló, they will not enable special spaces for the administration of both vaccines, although he has indicated that “nothing is ever ruled out.” “Once we have the planning, we will see the way to execute it in the simplest and most appropriate way for the citizen, “he said.

The councilor recalled that last year almost a million doses against the flu, and this year it is expected that it will increase, so a larger purchase has been made than that established last year. “For the reinforcement with the third dose we will take advantage of all the people who get the flu,” stressed Barceló, who added that there will be the rest of the people over 70 who do not want to be vaccinated against the flu but that it is need to give them the third booster dose.

The flu campaign -the councilor has pointed out- it will be very aimed at health personnel, who recalled that last year they had an “exceptional” participation, since more than 90 percent of the personnel were vaccinated.

Finally, Barceló has appealed to young people whose age is between 29 and 39 years to get vaccinated against it. coronavirus, “because it is an age group with a lot of social interaction and a lot of mobility and that still maintains vaccination levels -78 percent- below what would be desirable, already exceeded by the 12 to 19 and 19 to 29 age ranges “. “In addition, if the Covid passport is to be requested in certain spaces, they would be out of the possibility of accessing them,” he concluded.

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