The German press praises the “miracle” of Madrid, whose cumulative incidence has dropped from 813 to less than 300



The new coronavirus is proving to be puzzling for many European countries. One month the situation seems to be under control and the next the numbers skyrocket. It has happened in Germany, which yesterday registered the second highest death toll since the start of the pandemic, 305, and the highest in the second wave. From this continental power have praised the evolution of the coronavirus in the Community of Madrid thanks, they say, to the management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The German agency DPA has carried out a report in which they try to explain why Madrid has experienced such a notable decline in opposition to other territories. They say that “the media speak of a miracle, the researchers are amazed and cannot find a correct explanation for the phenomenon.” But, above all, they accuse this drop to the basic health areas promoted by the regional government. «The main difference is that it does not cordon off the entire region or entire cities and municipalities, but only smaller districts that have a large number of infections», They point out.

Regarding Ayuso’s management, they say that she was “accused of impotence and inaction” and that the regional leader was classified as “politically dead.” The newspaper «Die Welt» refers to its measurements speaking of “miracle”. For its part, DPA also attributes this decrease in the accumulated incidence to the fact that Madrid residents have become more cautious due to the “great scare” of the very negative numbers at the peak of the first and second waves.

Below 300 cases per 100,000

The cumulative incidence of Covid-19 in the Community of Madrid has been reduced by 9.7% in the last week, until stand at 297.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, according to the latest weekly epidemiological report published by the Ministry of Health. Between November 2 and 15, 19,851 positives for covid-19 were diagnosed in the region, of which 10,249 were reported between 9 and 15.

Among the towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants, those with the highest cumulative incidence between November 2 and 15 are Collado Villalba (416.1), Colmenar Viejo (388.2), Boadilla del Monte (381.2) and Majadahonda (374.5). On the other hand, among the large Madrid municipalities, the one with the lowest incidence in the same period is Alcalá de Henares, with 185 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Of all the municipalities, Berzosa del Lozoya stands out, in the Sierra Norte, whose cumulative incidence has soared to 7,804.88 cases per 100,000 inhabitants after 14 of its 205 inhabitants were infected with coronavirus. In the capital, the cumulative incidence is 280.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The most affected districts are Vicálvaro (332.5), Salamanca (329.2), Moratalaz (318.7), Puente de Vallecas (316.7) and Chamberí (313.8), while the one with the lowest incidence is Usera (198,4).

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