The gesture of Pablo Motos to the impersonators of ‘El Hormiguero’



“Do you know what I want?” The question is already a television classic. There are even entries on Google explaining what to say if suddenly one night, after ten o’clock, the phone rings and you hear a voice, usually famous, asking you this question from the set of ‘El Hormiguero’.

“The idea is that they don’t hang us,” he reported tonight. Pablo Motos to one of the guests, the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, who is not very aware of Spanish television affairs. ‘People, in general, don’t think it’s us. There are a lot of people now making the joke. “They already have methods that you freak out,” said one of the ants, who seemed to be telling one. “Do not give ideas,” settled the presenter.

On the first try, an answering machine picked up. To the second, someone precisely answered who had suffered a joke on account of the credit card. ‘The Hormiguero’ a few days ago, hence the distrust with which he responded to the question posed by David Bisbal, the other guest of the night. “Good, come on, what’s up,” the incredulous interlocutor was heard answering. “No, it’s real,” they all shouted in unison. With his characteristic voice, the artist from Almería asked the same question again: “Do you know what I want?” “Yes, of course,” replied the man on the other end of the phone line. “Say it, you don’t lose anything,” said one of the ants, while Bisbal he asked the question for the third time. At stake was a prize of 3,000 euros. “The ‘El Hormiguero’ card,” the man finally muttered. Pablo Motos He made him repeat it. This time he answered the same thing, but with a resounding voice, and already a certain tone of joy. The point is that, in the meantime, he had turned on the TV and verified that it was not a joke.

The lucky guy who got the call was a certain Joan, from Palma de Mallorca. His girlfriend, who was laughing in the background, was invited by the presenter to get on the phone. “We thought it was a joke. It’s that some friends played this joke on us a week or so ago, “he told Motorcycles. Marta and Rubén were the jokers, according to the girl. “Well now call your friends Marta and Rubén”, encouraged the host of Requena. “Marta and Rubén, I’m going to tell you something,” he added later, and dedicated to these jokers, and in general to all the impersonators of this contest, a fart. Then Marron came out to do his number, but before that he told the king of the ants that this gesture had not been done on TV “since 1986.” And it may be true.

The summer song

They laughed, on account of the card of yore, David Bisbal and Luis Fonsi, who oppose the summer song with ‘Twice’, which they promoted last night on the Antena 3 program. They wrote this song together, in the midst of the pandemic: “We mixed his style a little with mine,” explained the Puerto Rican. It will be published on June 25, although part of the video clip was advanced last night.

Luis Fonsi and David Bisbal, tonight, in 'El Hormiguero'
Luis Fonsi and David Bisbal, tonight, in ‘El Hormiguero’ – Antenna 3

They remembered that the first time they met was when Luis Fonsi went to ‘Triumph operation’ to give good advice to the triumphs. And that they became friends when the Almerian went to Puerto Rico to promote his second album, ‘Bulería’. Their collaboration has been endorsed with a Grammy, the one received for the song ‘Here I am’, from Luis Fonsi, which received the award for best song in 2009.

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