The Government and the PP open contacts to renew the TC, the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman




The Government of Sánchez and the Popular Party have resumed communication today, after Pablo Casado offered Pedro Sánchez the renewal of the Constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman, apart from General Council of the Judiciary, blocked this for almost three years, when the Executive did not accept a legal reform to reinforce judicial independence.

The Minister Bolaños has called the secretary general of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egea, to respond to Casado’s proposal. The minister had explained before that he was happy about the “rectification of the PP”, but that “all” the organs had to be renewed, and not just a part. In any case, he has been willing to sit down and talk with the PP. “Let’s not advance events,” he warned.

Popular sources have confirmed Bolaños’ call to García Egea. Both have agreed to keep the negotiation open and also to do so with the utmost discretion. The PP has made clear its willingness to renew the Constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts and the Ombudsman, “Without preconditions”. As for the CGPJ, the PP insists that the Government must accept the legal reform so that the judges elect the judges.

The PP believes that today there has been a change, since the Government “has accepted the outstretched hand” of Pablo Casado, although the answer was not from Pedro Sanchez.

The popular ones believe that Casado’s proposal has surprised Sánchez this morning in the control session, which has not answered the offer of the PP leader. Neither have vice presidents Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz. It was Félix Bolaños who then came out to appear before the media and emphasize that he would call the PP to renew “all” the organs.

The negotiation, then, has begun. On the part of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egea and Cuca gamarra They will be the interlocutors of Félix Bolaños. In this round will not be present, in principle, Enrique López, protagonist in previous contacts of the PP with the Government.

The PP does not rule out that the renewals of the TC, Court of Accounts and Ombudsman may be closed separately, although the logical thing, underlines the main opposition party, is that all three will be closed at the same time.

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