The Government expects Renfe to leave losses behind in 2022




The Government draws on the Budgets a more than optimistic scenario for public companies. The Executive expects that, in total, State companies and entities will generate a total profit of 1,500 million euros, a result that contrasts with the losses of 800 million expected for 2021, where the impact of the pandemic will still be felt.

The improvement is motivated, in part, by the loss of Renfe and Puertos del Estado. The Executive expects the railway operator, which lost 242 million during the first six months of the year, to recover in record time and close 2022 with earnings of 8 million euros.

The truth is that the public company is recovering the frequencies lost during the pandemic. In addition, it is being boosted by the result of Avlo, the low-cost line between Madrid and Barcelona that maintains an occupancy close to 90%.

Despite this, the company’s workforce is still suspicious of the group’s economic situation. In addition, they warn that nationalist parties such as ERC and the PNV maintain their objective of segregating the company to take over the powers of the Cercanías services that circulate in Catalonia and the Basque Country.

Beyond Renfe, the Budgets predict losses of 223 million in Adif High Speed ​​and 107 in Adif. In addition, the SEPI will have a red number of 29 million next year. The great winner of public companies will once again be State Lotteries and Betting, which will further increase its profits in 2022 to close the year with a profit of 1.8 billion.

The Budgets estimate a total of 27,164 million in income that will be obtained by the public companies as a whole, but also that they assume 19,093 million in the item that includes operating expenses, 7,193 million for personnel expenses and another 3,145 million in amortization of fixed assets .

For the year as a whole and companies expect their indebtedness to rise to 61,106 million euros, with the highest charges being those of Adif-Alta Velocidad (19,056 million), the SEPI Group (9,560 million), the Enaire group (9,082 million), Renfe-Operadora (7,549 million), the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring or Frob (6,867 million) and State Ports (1,733 million).

The real investment foreseen by the group of companies for next year will amount to 9,659 million euros, concentrating most of the investments in companies in the infrastructure area of ​​Development. Specifically, the investments planned by the Adif-Alta Velocity and in Adif, they amount to 2,591 and 2,833 million, respectively. In the Puertos del Estado Group it will rise to 925 million, to about 914 million in the Renfe-Operadora Group and 819 million in the Enaire Group, followed by SEPI (400 million) and further afield Seisa (157 million) or Aguas de las Cuencas from Spain (152 million).

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