The Government of the Netherlands contemplates that the country may have a homosexual monarch

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The Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, 17 years old, has been involved in spite of herself in an extemporaneous debate in which the legal questions related to the succession to the Throne have been mixed with the most private part of her life and her feelings and with the imminent publication of a book about her. Although everything has been raised “in a theoretical way”, the not innocent question from a member of Parliament about whether the crown princess could marry a person of the same sex and remain the head of state threatens to burden her image with a reputation artificial and invasive, although that probably fuels book sales.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in the Netherlands since 2001, which includes the Royal Family. A deputy from the Liberal Party of the Acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte has had the idea of ​​taking to Parliament in the form of a question a speculation that seems to be mentioned in this book, written this summer, and which will be presented in the coming weeks.

Rutte has had to answer by saying that any king or queen could also marry a person of the same sexAlthough it has not clarified how the issue of descent would be resolved in an institution that is based precisely on hereditary succession, from parents to children.

Princess Amalia, daughter of King William-Alexander and the Queen Maximum He turns 18 in December and he is supposed to start college next year. As the only distinctive element, it is known that he has renounced the assignment that corresponds to him legally while he continues studying, that is, while he does not carry out institutional activities.

The Kings of Holland with their daughters
The Kings of Holland with their daughters – Gtres

Members of the Royal Family have to ask the Government and Parliament for permission to marry. And the government can deny permission or force them to renounce their dynastic rights. In this case, Rutte has said that these are “theoretical situations”, but admitted that the next queen could marry a woman. “Therefore, the cabinet does not see that an heir to the throne or the king must abdicate if he wishes marry a same-sex partner», He explained in the answer to the written question.

The response of the acting prime minister does not presuppose any indication of the princess’s sexual orientation nor is there any indication of it. Rather, it is a political attempt to gain some notoriety at the expense of the young princess. And the opening of a field of debate through which the rest of the European monarchies will undoubtedly go through.

The Kings of Holland with their daughter Amalia
The Kings of Holland with their daughter Amalia – Gtres

Claudia de Breij is the author of the book about the princess that will appear in mid-November. “Amalia” is intended to introduce readers to the heir to the throne and is based on various conversations with the Princess of Orange about, among other things, her school days, her love of music, and what the monarchy and her future role mean. for her. It also contains photographs from the princess’s private archive.

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